Cross-Training the Stay-At-Home-Mom Way

My husband left for a week long work trip so my nightly gym excursions are on hold until he returns. I’m bummed because last week I totaled 25 miles, the most I’ve done post partum. Because I’m on such a roll, I know I have to continue working out in someway. It got me thinking, “What can I do at home that will give me a good workout?” I know I could simply do a google or youtube search but what was funny was that as I begin thinking of workouts to do I realized, heck I do quite a bit already.

Calf Raises: I cover this each time my daughter, Lauren, points to the crackers at the top of our pantry. I put them there in hopes she doesn’t see them but she does. Always. So I stand on my tiptoes and grab ‘em oh about 3-4 times a day.

Squats: I have my daughter to thank for this one again. She’s learned “up” and says it frequently so I can hold her. Always mindful to not simply bend down and get her, I squat down to pick her up always keeping perfect form.

Biceps: Holding my daughter for extended periods of time means I’m working these arm muscles consistently throughout the day.

Lunges: Lauren is quite the mover and her favorite thing is to climb on the couch and run across it. Of course I think she’s going to fall and this results in me lunging after her to break the descent.

Hips: Lauren’s T.V. time consists of Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Club House and her favorite parts are when the shows start and end because of the theme song. As soon as she hears the opening song to Sesame Street or MMCH she runs towards me and begs to be picked up so we can dance. I’m a little more partial to MMCH and the hot dog dance at the end. Have you tried the dance to that song? It’s hard! (please youtube the dance)

Speed Work: Both of my kids help me out with this one. I get really tested with my speed when my son is hungry. He needs to be changed and fed immediately or he will lose it. Not only must I appease his hunger quickly, Lauren does not allow for much mother-son time. She is there to make sure I’m expediting the feeding process.

Endurance: I’ve mentioned in a previous post that my days are long. I have to make sure I pace myself and not burn out too quickly or things can go downhill fast. Doing too many exciting activities in the morning will only mean the afternoons will feel like an eternity.

Core: Finally, core muscles. Even though I might be tired after all of these exercises, my children can always find ways throughout the day to make their momma laugh. This workout is my favorite.

I Dare You

I have to say that I am a really lucky gal. I’m one of those annoying people who raves about her husband non-stop and absolutely loves being married. My husband is simply a great guy.

One of the many things I love about him is that he is constantly challenging me. I was heading out for my gym time a couple of nights ago planning on running 5 miles. Like he always does, he wished me luck but then, somewhat as an afterthought, he added, “You should run 7.”

I looked at him incredulously. “I haven’t run 7 since I gave birth to our son and even months before that.”


That was all the motivation I needed.

I did my usually stretches before hopping on the treadmill and got going. I was at mile 4 and feeling pretty good. Mile 5 came and went and I was proud at having at least met my first goal. But no way was I stopping there. I was approaching mile 7 and starting to feel the effects of having run for over an hour. I planned on stopping and going home to show him I had run his 7 miles but then a thought came to me. Why not take his 7 and raise him 1 more? So there I was, a little over 2 months after giving birth to my second child, running 8 miles at a 9:30 pace.

When I was done, the runner’s high was seeping through me. My blood was racing and my body felt that it was still going even though it had been minutes since I’d stopped. I couldn’t believe that I had done it. I knew that eventually I’d run 8 miles in the course of my training, but because I’m a pretty conservative trainer (sometimes too conservative), I hadn’t planned on it happening so soon. I knew it was my husband’s push that had done it for me.

Plus, I can never resist a challenge : )


Oxymoron: An Unhealthy Runner

I’m not your typical runner.

I’m obsessed with soda, in particular Coca-cola, and drink about 4-6 cans a day. I also love love love fast food. My diet is single-handedly why I’m not a faster runner. I don’t know what it is about fast food that I just can’t get enough of. I know it’s unhealthy, I know it could cause damage to my body in the long run, I know it only brings me temporary pleasure but still everyday I visit some drive thru and asked for a number whatever and super size it. Most people who hear that I’m a runner think I must have a healthy lifestyle…. until they get to really know me.

In addition to gross food, I can be a total girly-girl. If I’m not wearing running shoes, I’m wearing a shoe with some type of elevation. I feel confident in heels and can probably run a 5k in a good wedge. I enjoy putting make-up on and spend money on the good kind. I’ve worked in high-end retail stores and am familiar with quite a few designers. When asked what I would save if my house was burning down, I not so jokingly said my closet. I’ve put a lot of time and money into my wardrobe and when I walk in to my closet, I always smile. Shoes and clothes make me happy.

a glimpse into my closet

a glimpse into my closet

But at the same time, I love sweating. One of the appeals of running to me is that I can feel the workout. I can feel the sweat dripping down and I like it. When it comes to running I actually don’t care about my appearance, I care about my performance.

I also enjoy watching all sports but I am a crazy person when it comes to basketball. I can watch basketball on T.V. 24 hours a day. I have a pretty mean jump shot. I can tell you who’s won the NBA Championship the past 10 years and who the MVP was. I could tell you the name of every team in the league and their mascot. I have Michael Jordan’s last game (before his second retirement) memorized. Along with running, I can talk about basketball all day.

I like to think my husband he has the best of both worlds: a girly girl who doesn’t mind watching ESPN all day J