5 reasons to get a dog

Many people have 2 or more dogs in one household. There are many pros and cons, but it is always a good idea.

They are funny, uplifting and sometimes understand us like no one else. But dogs are not just loyal friends and adorable companions! Scientists increasingly come to the conclusion that four-legged pets bring real health benefits to their owners.

Disease resistance

If the commercials for cleaning products are to be believed, humanity is now in the midst of a war against germs. But in fact, too thorough disinfection only harms health. Our body is defeated if it is not faced with a variety of microbes. Luckily, our four-legged friends are covered in germs! Thanks to the dog, a wide variety of bacteria enter the house. According to statistics, dog breeders are less likely to get sick and go to doctors than cat owners or people without pets.

Allergy resistance

If a child spent his childhood in the same house with a dog, he will be less susceptible to allergies throughout his life. Moreover, the pet begins to influence the child from the moment he is in the mother's womb.

Resistance to cardiovascular disease

Dogs seem to be the best cure for heart ailments. Heart rate and blood pressure decrease when you pet your pet. A study last year found that dog breeders have a much lower risk of coronary heart disease than other people. In addition, their cholesterol levels are much less likely to fall outside the normal range and they are more likely to survive a heart attack.

Daily workouts

Other pets also have positive effects on human health, but dogs have a distinct advantage: they need to be walked and played with several times a day. This means that many dog ​​owners not only walk their dog every day, but also arrange for themselves at least thirty minutes of outdoor training. It helps to raise the mood, enrich the body with oxygen and saturate it with endorphins - hormones of happiness.

Positive emotions

Dog breeders are less likely to suffer from depression and have elevated levels of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters essential for emotional stability and feelings of pleasure. Doctors advise getting a pet even for those who are already in a state of clinical depression. The dog helps the owner to lead a more active lifestyle and gives him the strength for psychological recovery. Even looking at your pet increases the amount of oxytocin, the "love hormone" in the brain.

Love your pets!