Features of the Odometer: How to Easily Block Mileage Data

Today, mileage correction is widespread. However, even the most experienced technician cannot guarantee that after applying this method, the data on the odometer will completely coincide with the data in other blocks of the car. It is because each block requires separate correction and the skills and experience of the master.

The mileage correction tool is the best device that stops the mileage in all units without harming the car's electronic system. Thus the mileage cannot get into various car blocks, such as the gearbox, engine, headlights, ABS, airbags, key, etc. Simultaneously, the readings of different blocks do not contradict each other. Not only that, but also the history of maintenance is not violated.

What does the odometer measure?

The odometer is quite a simple device. The odometer counts the kilometers traveled based on the number of wheel revolutions. Typically, this instrument has two types of readings. The car's total mileage, here every kilometer passed by the car is counted from the moment it left the assembly line and the so-called daily mileage. You can press a button to eliminate the readings of this scale, after which you can then see the mileage of any segment of the path you have traveled at any time. At the bottom of the device, you can see the total mileage, and on the right is the button for resetting the daily mileage.

Why and how odometers can be blocked

Reasons for deliberately blocking odometer readings may include:

  • Wish to reduce the genuine mileage of the car.
  • Attempts to conceal inappropriate use of the automobile.
  • Elimination of some problems with documenting the service vehicle fleet.

As we can see, the reasons are mostly not very right and decent. If you lower the accurate mileage, the car can be sold higher. If you rewind the odometer to a certain level, you can hide that the car was used a lot.

Electronic odometer mileage calibration

As for electronic odometers, there are spots vulnerable to fraud. The readings on them can also be changed. In some instances, you still have to tinker with disconnecting the boards in the devices or make additional soldering. But this procedure is not easy and requires specific knowledge and special equipment with software. It is almost impossible to identify the calibration of the electronic odometer.

Nevertheless, it is effortless to stop a run with a special filter. The device is installed behind the dashboard in the vehicle's electronic system. All installation work is easy to carry out, does not require soldering or stripping of wires, and will take no more than half an hour.

You can activate the device and turn off the odometer using the buttons on the steering wheel with one click. Thus, you can quickly and easily independently control the tool's operation when you need it.