How to clean up after a dog?

For a responsible dog owner, raising a pet is also raising oneself. You have to alternate between pleasant moments of playing with your pet and cleaning up after him. In the city, this is especially important when the excrement left behind is contaminated by parasites and bacteria that penetrate the groundwater for people.

Recirculating fountains are a nice option; many dogs like to drink running water, and the aeration and filter keep the water fresh. Find them at pet supply stores. To neutralize the gamey aroma wafting from full pick-up bags in your garbage bin, toss in a few handfuls of cat litter.

Many European and American dog walking cities have excrement bins and vending machines with disposable bags. Pet stores have everything that will help you when cleaning your pets:

  • Plastic or biodegradable poop bags.
  • Cleaning scoop;
  • Hygienic tongs;
  • Plastic container for bags.

What should be a poop bag for a dog?

You can use regular disposable or trash bags for cleaning your dog, but it is better to purchase special biodegradable and flavored small dog poop bags. It is advisable to take a few for a walk. They are usually sold in rolls packed in special containers. Such a tube has a tight lid on top and a carabiner with which it can be attached to a leash or belt. The box has a hole for easy bag removal.

In order to clean up after the pet, put the bag on your hand, take the feces and turn the bag inside out with the other hand, remove it from your hand. Thus, all waste is inside the bag. After that, the bag is tied up and thrown into the trash can. The main advantage of paper bags is that they can be recycled without harming the environment.

Cleaning with a scoop

This special attachment has a long handle, which makes it easy to clean up behind the dog. With the help of this scoop, you can clean in any territory. Also, pet stores usually sell multifunctional scoops with removable attachments (a rake for cleaning the grass, a shovel for paths). Such a tool clamps with a retainer, which makes it even more convenient.

Cleaning with hygienic tongs

The forceps are a small piece of equipment that you need to put on a disposable bag. Most often, the packages are included. Plastic tongs are opened by pressing on their metal base and "pick up" the waste. Then they need to be opened a second time in order to throw the bag into the trash can. It's all pretty simple, effortless and time-consuming.

With love for your dogs!