The One Month Countdown Begins {and a giveaway!!}

You guys…I’m running a marathon in a month!!

It's really gonna happen!

It’s really gonna happen!

It’s so crazy; even after months of training I still can’t believe I’m doing this!

So, because this is the last month and I’m beyond excited about this, I’ll be doing a couple of giveaways to get the party started leading up to March 1st–THE BIG DAY!

One of my favorite products I’ve purchased have been my Road ID bracelets. The first one I bought is the the Wrist ID Slim. This bracelet is a silicone stretchy band and the ID allows for 5 lines of information.

I ended up ordering a too small size so when I went to the website to order just the bracelet in a bigger size (you can interchange the bracelet and use the same ID–a really cool feature!), I decided to go with the Wrist ID Sport. I like that the Sport is hydrophilic–good with water–and considering I sweat like a horse when I run, this was a definite plus. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

This bracelet allows for six lines of information on the ID plate. I like that you can include a quote if you want. Mine is my running mantra, “My race. My pace.”


There are so many cool colors to choose from too; of course I went with purple 🙂

The Road ID is probably the #1 running accessory I recommend to people. You never know what can happen where ever you might be. If you’re biking, swimming, running, hiking, or just going out for a walk, this simple bracelet could be extremely helpful in an emergency situation.

Another reason Road ID is so awesome is that it’s implemented a new new mobile app which is meant to supplement the physical Road ID wrist band. It allows your friends and family to track your running, cycling, hiking, walking and basically any outdoor adventures in real time and has a stationary alert system. How cool is that??

So, because I’m super pumped about my upcoming marathon and because I love my own Road ID, I’m giving away $35 of credit to use towards YOUR OWN ROAD ID. Yes, whatever you want from their website!! They have other products too besides bracelets–take a tour and look around! What would you do with $35?? 😀

71492_10151492271965903_2075814686_aThe not-so-fine-print:

To enter, leave a comment telling me what color you’d want your Road ID bracelet (if that’s what you’d choose) and what your favorite running inspirational quote is. Giveaway ends Friday, February 7th midnight Central time. Winner will be announced that morning.

Start here—->a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thank you all so much for your encouragement during my journey. I’m still celebrating my sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon and am so looking forward to my first full marathon. I’m glad you’re with me for the ride! : )


The Countdown Begins…

It's happening....March 1, 2014.

It’s happening….March 1, 2014.

I did it. I signed up for a full marathon.

I knew this day would come. I wasn’t sure how soon and I definitely didn’t think I’d consider running 26.2 miles 7 months after giving birth to my son. Don’t they say it took 9 months to create a child, you should at least give yourself that much time to recover? Clearly, I’m crazy.

I also have crazy friends. I wouldn’t have been able to click that submit button had it not been for my running pal Salt. This is a person who is as crazy about running as I am. You need friends like that as a runner. Someone who is unfazed by the decisions you make however irrational they may be—they’re still going to cheer you on regardless.

Along with Salty, I’ve got an amazing support group. Her and I are in a pretty awesome moms’ workout group online and these women are so inspirational. They are single-handedly what has motivated me to fall deeper in love with running. Every mom has a different story, a different, unique life but our goal is the same—to be healthy. This goal unites us and as the days pass, it is amazing to see how each woman transforms physically and mentally.

This marathon will be for them. This marathon will be for the moms who care about being healthy for their families and for themselves. This marathon will be for the moms who work all day and then come home and cook and clean and wash clothes and tuck children in and then go work out. For the moms who wake up before the sun to work out. For the moms who stay home all day like me, running around after their kids and somehow finding the time to work out.

This marathon is for the moms who don’t think they can do something like this.

You can.

I’m doing it right now.