Pat’s Run


Happy Veteran’s Day!

A few years ago, pre-kids and post-wedding, I ran in a new race (for me) called Pat’s Run in honor of Pat Tillman, war-veteran and former NFL player. It’s a 4.2 mile race, a distance to commemorate his 42 jersey that he wore when he played for Arizona State University, and the finish line leads you to the 42 yard line in Sun Devil Stadium. The race always takes place in April and a day in the twenties–this year, 4/26.


When I first heard of this race, I jumped at the chance to participate. As an ASU alumnus, and with friends and family who have fought in a war, this was a perfect opportunity for me to run for them. The spirit of this race is indescribable. It’s almost always a sell-out and you’re always running with someone next to you. You can see people in camouflage, in uniform, with t-shirts bearing names of a veterans, with a Pat Tillman jersey. It’s truly inspirational.


This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the race. I wasn’t able to run in 2011 or 2012 because of pregnancies, but I’m excited that I’m available for this very important year.

Today was the first day of registration, fittingly on Veteran’s Day. You bet I woke up this morning and sprinted to my computer. I signed both my husband and I up and then saw they had a .42 race for children.

I couldn’t not sign my daughter up!

This will be her first race and it’s the best first one for her. I’d love to borrow a jogging stroller so I can take my son along for the ride and make it a family event. Wouldn’t that be awesome? : )

How are you spending Veteran’s Day?

Do you have a favorite race?