Why Eggs Are A Healthy Diet Choice

Normal chicken eggs have been around for as long as we’ve had chickens. Which came first, the chicken or the egg. But we live in a world where veganism is on the rise, and it teaches us that we should not consume any animal products. If you wish to be vegan, it is your choice, but eggs are incredibly important to the human diet.

In fact, eggs are so important that t he 100 pleats in the chef’s hat is made for the 100 different ways in which you can prepare an egg. Furthermore, eggs have become so important that it has even received its own official day. The 11th of October marks international egg day. But what is it t hat we get from eggs that is so important to the human body?

Fighting Cholesterol

Heart disease is a very serious illness throughout the world. Most heart disease cases stem from a case of bad cholesterol issues. Eggs have been proven to contain a seriously high amount of cholesterol, but it is the good kind of cholesterol that your body needs to break down the bad cholesterol that might be the cause of heart failure.

Another great thing that eggs are packed with is Vitamin D. Yes, there are many sources for a great amount of Vitamin D, such as the sun and oily fish. But as you can imagine, oily fish brings about its own set of complications. A standard boiled egg is one of the highest sources of Vitamin D that you can possibly get. In fact, it is probably the healthiest source of high Vitamin D that you are likely to consume.

Weight loss

Eggs are a great food to have if you would like achieve some weight loss. If you are in need to get into that summer body again, you can substitute your protein intake for eggs. Eggs are incredibly high in protein and the great part of it is that you do not need to a dozen eggs to get all of the protein that you need for your daily intake. In fact, one or two boiled eggs for breakfast is sufficient protein to get your day going.

Rabbits And Fish

Carrots are great for your eyes and easy to eat while you enjoy the promotional offers. Even better than carrots is the common boiled egg. As already stated, eggs are a great source of Vitamin D, but your eyes do not need that. Besides for Vitamin D it is also a great source of Vitamin and E as well as Selenium. All three oof these are excellent eye foods and will help to reduce the decline in eyesight in old age.

As you know already, fish is great for Omega 3’s. but fish has to fresh for it to be a most effective source and can often be pricey. Once again, the egg comes to the rescue. Omega 3’s is important for not only your brain, but also for your eyes and brain and your body produces a very limited amount of it. You can get over 72% of your needed daily intake of Omega 3’s from just one egg.