I’m a winner!

So in my Healthy Moms Group I’ve mentioned before, some of the girls participated in virtual racing. I had never heard of this but it’s basically a website that hosts “races”. You register just like you would a “normal” race and you have to run a said mileage by a certain date. You can run any way you’d like, outside or treadmill and when you’re done, you post a pic of your time/route/mileage on the website’s Facebook page (this isn’t mandatory I believe). And if you’re wondering whether you get a medal, yup! It’s sent to your home.

I joined the Facebook group but hadn’t pushed the button to register for a race–even though some of the medals looked pretty cool.

A couple of days ago, the creator of the website, fit4liferaceseries.com by the way, announced he’d be holding a giveaway of free races and free memberships (a membership includes a discounted first race and discounted races for the year). The catch was that you had to be a new runner to the group, as in never have run a virtual race.

I’ve never participated in online giveaways, prizes, contests, etc. because one, I never think I’ll win; and second, I never believe they’re actually legit. Nevertheless, I did what the instructions said and made a comment on the post, “Giving it a shot!” Easy enough. No harm, no foul.

Four hours later, I received a Facebook notification that I’d won a one year membership! I never win anything and to win something running related makes this first time that much cooler!

I immediately went to the website to check out the races they had going on. One is for tomorrow, Sunday, World Run Day. I’m thinking pefect!! Not only do I get the race comped (my discounted first race) but I get this really cool t-shirt (no medal this time though). There is no specific mileage for this “race” since it’s World Run Day; any amount is acceptable. This is ideal considering I should be taking it slow, but I just can’t resist. Plus, I think it’ll do me some good to get out there for a little while : )