These past few days have been tough.

I’ve felt myself start to crumble these past few days that I haven’t run despite still working out every day. I don’t feel like my shins have gotten better; I don’t know how much better they should be at this stage of the no running clause. I’m thinking of trying a slow 1 miler tomorrow to test them out. I don’t know if I should but I want to feel them in action. Even if I feel “good” I’ll continue to rest them but then I’ll at least know that they’re on the mend.

I’ve been trying really hard to think positive thoughts. What usually helps me is to think of people that I look up to and that inspire me.

My sister is someone who does that.

I give 100% credit to her in getting me in love with running. I was a typical tag-a-long little sister. I followed her everywhere and that even included her athletic practices. She got involved in running her freshman year of high school; I was in 6th grade. I went with her to one of her practices and the coach was gung ho about letting me run with the big kids. I actually kept up.

I didn’t go to every practice of hers but that summer I ran with the team during the summer off season and each summer up to when I finally made it to high school. My freshman year, my sister was a senior and it was the best thing ever ever running with her.

Eleven years ago, my senior year in high school, my family and I were in a pretty bad car accident. My sister was hurt the worst. She broke three vertebrae in her neck and lost feeling in the left side of her body. She was told walking was unlikely.

But after months of electro shock therapy and physical therapy she tentatively took her first steps.

This past September, she ran her third half marathon in 2:26. She is testament to what hard work and determination is, never letting obstacles stop her from doing what she has always loved: running.


I wouldn’t be a runner if it wasn’t for her.


Me (left) and my sister (right) at the top of Camelback Mountain



–Who inspires you?


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  1. I’m sorry you’re struggling. This must be driving you crazy not being able to run, even though you feel like you could just do it anyway. The good thing though is that you still have the motivation and desire to run. I’m struggling with the fact that even though I can’t do much right now, I really don’t have any motivation to exercise. I’m going to need a swift kick in the pants once I get the okay to exercise again. It’s all or nothing for me.

    • I’m sorry Julia. I bet it would be hard to be motivated with limited mobility : ( I really hope you can heal quickly and get back into it!! I’ll give you that swift kick when you’re ready : )

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  4. Stories like this inspire me! I run because I can. I’m so lucky to have been able to run for over 20 years!

    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home

  5. Awww, so sweet!! I don’t have a fun inspiration story of how I started, but my kiddos are the ones who inspire me now!!

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