12 Days of Fitmas—Day 3

On the 3rd Day of Fitmas


I know you’ve been told this time and time again but it’s so important to stay hydrated, especially during these winter months when we drink less water than usual.

I know for me personally, it’s tough to drink the recommended 64 oz a day. One thing that helps me is that we only drink bottled water so I can calculate in my head by the number of bottles I drink total during the day.


Don’t drink bottled water? Go to your nearest 7-11, buy a Big Gulp, fill it up with your favorite soft drink and then dump it. Take a few seconds to relish the hundreds of liquid calories you’ve just kept your body from absorbing. Good job! Then, fill it up with water. Drink two of these bad boys and you’ve accomplished your mission! Easy peazy : )

I know sometimes the day is busy and before you know it, you haven’t had any water at all. But, make it a point today to drink eight 8oz glasses. Test it out; see if you can do it. And then see if you can do it tomorrow. And then see if you can keep it going : ) Let me know how it goes!

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