RnR AZ–Fave Photo

This was the picture I was telling you about in yesterday’s race recap! I love it and shelled out the money to have it forever πŸ™‚




You can’t really tell that about 5 seconds before this picture was taken I was about to melt into the concrete. I have no idea how I mustered the energy to attempt a smile! Regardless, this one is a def keeper ❀

Have you ever bought a race photo? I usually look like a hot mess during and after lol!

9 responses

  1. That’s a really nice picture! I’ve bought a few, like 2 weeks after the race.. at first I didn’t want to buy any because I looked like shit (sorry, true), but then figured might as well have something to remember the race by….

    • Yeah, this was the first time I’ve ever bought one. I usually look crappy too lol! But since this was a PR for both of us, and we ran it together (not at the same pace), we figured it was special enough for us to splurge πŸ™‚