My No Running Weekend

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I was under the weather and for the longest time since I can’t even remember, I didn’t run at all on Saturday or the entire weekend. I’m feeling a lot better now but it was nice to have a chill weekend with friends and family. Sometimes we need those 🙂

  • Friday is typically my rest day so no running.
    I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m a part of an online Healthy Moms group that is a spin off from a moms group started during my first pregnancy (2+ years ago!). I’ve gotten to know quite a few women in the group–hi Salt!–and have been able meet quite a few in person. I got to add to that list by meeting a mom visiting Arizona.

    Me and Julia

    Me and Julia

    Julia is from Las Vegas and is also a runner. A pretty speedy one too. She just recently started a running blog called Vegas Mother Runner–check her out!

  • Saturday was spent shopping. I don’t think a weekend ever goes by without me doing some sort of shopping. Honestly, any kind of shopping makes me happy. I could go to Home Depot and have fun spending money there. But, I mostly love shopping for my kids. My daughter got some new bedroom slippers 🙂

    We <3 owls.

    We ❤ owls.

  • Sunday was filled with house cleaning and organizing. We finally put up our medals–yay!
    Our Brag Wall :)

    Our Brag Wall 🙂

    Sunday evening was spent eating pizza (with no soda!) and watching the Spurs vs. Heat game. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that I’m a huuuge basketball fan. I have a lot to say about this Finals that I plan on going into detail soon. (Spurs lost by the way 😦 )

    Overall, a pretty relaxed weekend. I feel really rested and looking forward to getting a run in tomorrow and prepare for my first night trail race on Saturday!

–How was your weekend? Did you run/race?

–Are you a shopper?

–Where do you hang your medals?

20 responses

  1. I loved seeing the picture of you and Julia, you both are so beautiful and it’s so nice to
    “meet” the people we have been friends with for so long online!! 🙂 I love to shop, but do most of it these days online! Your medal display looks great!

  2. Oh YES I am a shopper as you well know. 🙂 I am so jealous you girls got together!!! I’m totally photoshopping myself in. And I love your medal display! Mine are hanging in the bedroom, but I kind of want to move them someplace else and I need a shelf too because some of the stuff I have isn’t hang-able.

    I hope you have a wonderful run today! ❤

  3. I love the brag wall! So many pretty medals!

    No comment on the Finals games from this weekend. I have some thoughts as well, and I imagine they are somewhat different from yours, haha! I think our mutual love of running can get us through the next couple of weeks as new blogger friends though 😀

  4. I found a magical yardsale where designer clothes were being sold for $.50 -dresses for $1. So, yes, I WENT SHOPPING LOL I feel like I got a whole new summer wardrobe for $30 total. I love rich people who can shop for me!

  5. Love the little owl slippers!
    I agree- sometimes the best weekends are the ones where you don’t workout and realize how much extra time you have 🙂
    We hang our medals on the stairwell into the basement. It’s unfinished but houses our home gym. Sometimes they seriously give me the inspiration I need to work out!

  6. Yey for your medal holder!! I have a Moms RUN This Town medal holder that I was given for our first anniversary!