More than halfway done!!!


If you’ve been reading the last couple of months then you know that I’m currently on a summer challenge of 100 Days of No Soda. Well, I’m past the halfway point!!!


People have told me that once I’m done, I’ll probably not want to drink soda any more…..yeah……no.

I know it’s sad, but I still crave it. Like, a lot. I’m fairly certain that I won’t drink it as much as I used to–6 to 8 cans a day–but I think if I managed to keep it under 3 that would be enough for me to be content. A breakfast, lunch, and dinner soda. πŸ™‚

I’m pretty proud though that I’ve gone this far without cheating. Not even once. And I’ve really wanted to.

People have asked me why or what my purpose in doing this is. What I wanted to see is how much, if anything, my body changed with marathon training and a healthier diet. And it has! Pre-challenge I had 5 pesky pounds keeping me from my pre-pregnancy weight. Well, 53 days into the challenge, they’re gone. I also feel less heavy in general, like the bad food I was eating was weighing me down.

I knew that by eliminating soda, I would be helping to improve my diet. A lot of what I ate (and okay, still sometimes eat) is fast food, meals that come with a soft drink. Since I’m not drinking soda, I feel less compelled to order a # whatever from a drive thru. Instead, I make something at home and eat it drinking water.

I haven’t replaced soda with anything either. I’m not a tea drinker nor do I like many juices. I’ll have a recovery drink after workouts–I’m currently loving Rockin’ Refuel chocolate milk (I don’t care that some people say it’s not good for you. Chocolate milk is amazing.) and I’ll put Tailwind in my water during runs, but besides that, I’m really just drinking plain ‘ol H2O. I don’t even like lemon wedges or cucumbers in my water. I like just water. I’m seriously a plain Jane when it comes to food.

The challenge will get harder once I get back to work in August. I’m not exaggerating when I say I drank a lot of soda. In my classroom, I have a mini fridge under my desk that I would stock with Coke. No joke.

I’ll tackle that battle when it comes…..

Any habits you have that are/would be tough to break?

What’s your favorite drink to quench your thirst?



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  1. Congrats! I know that it is so hard. It took me a long time to wean myself from Diet Coke. This did make me think of my mother-in-law. She is a Diet Coke drinker and brings her lunch to work. She is a teacher and works in the library during her lunch hour. One day she opened her lunch in the library, popped open her Coke and took a swig. She suddenly stopped because her Coke tasted funny and then she realized it was a Coors Light. Can you imagine?! We laugh so hard when she tells this story.

    • Ewwww!!! But alas, I’ve seen all the videos and pictures and read all the books, I still wanna drink the soda 😦
      Honestly though, this challenge has done the best to curb the desire. I really think I won’t drink it as much when it’s over.

  2. congrats to you! I can’t iamgine how difficult this was for you. I gave up soda years ago, though I wasn’t a big soda drinker to begin with. I’m with you, I’m all about plain old water and only use “extras” for recovery/hydration after a big run. Good luck on the rest of the challenge.

  3. Good for you! Giving up anything you like for that long is a huge accomplishment. I once went 7 days with no chocolate (while working in a chocolate store!), and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

  4. The way you feel about soda is how I feel about baked Cheetos. I buy the bag that says Natural on it to make myself feel better lol

    Just saw your comment on my blog, happy 1st bday to your son!!! How exciting for you! I hope you guys have a great day πŸ˜€

  5. You hang in there sista. YOU GOT THIS! Ya know, I cant think of something that I couldn’t give up, if I absolutely HAD TO. But, I may be the exception to the rule. I truly believe the cliche that “Nothing is impossible” πŸ™‚ Autumn

  6. Ah, giving up soda can be so hard! I miss the sweetness and carbonation sometimes. I’ve replaced it with soda water. You’re doing great and that’s so awesome that you not only lost that final 5 lbs AND you’re saving money by skipping soda (seriously, count the $$).

  7. That’s awesome! I haven’t gone soda free, but I’ve definitely cut back. Maybe I have a few a week? I’ve started drinking hot tea at night and my days are filled mostly with coffee, water, and the occasional iced tea.

    It’s definitely hard. So I bow down in your greatness!

  8. I can’t remember if I’ve asked this before, but…do you like the soda for the caffeine or the carbonation? If for the carbonation have you looked into a Sodastream?

  9. I do t think I could manage 100 days without soda. I don’t drink a ton like I used to, but I usually have at least one diet root beer a day.

    I’ve only heard from nutritionists that chocolate milk is great for a recovery drink. So drink on!

  10. What are you drinking instead? I just started a blog called SodaRehab because I think that should really exist. I am addicted heavily on soda and I am trying to not drink it at.