Mid-Week Musings (Sick Edition)

It’s Wednesday and that means

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Okay, I’m gonna keep it real.

I’m hella nervous.

Not because of any time goal or even weather (it’s supposed to rain!) but because I’m STILL sick! UGH! Yesterday, I ran 4 miles with my run club and finished the run coughing up a storm. Everyone stared at me like a crazy person 😦

The cough isn’t even the worst part; my ears have fluid in them and it’s been making my head hurt like whoa. That is the worst.

Mine's a cold/cough/allergy combo special

Mine’s a cold/cough/allergy combo special

Yesterday at work, I went to our school nurse and of course she gave me the dreaded, “I don’t recommend you run.” Jajajajaja!! Not run!?! Blasphemy!! Especially since I feel like I rocked my training this time and besides this sickness, am feeling the most confident I’ve felt going into a race.

But this cough is for real. The ear pain is for real. And I need to accept that I might have to re-evaluate my goals.

It’s hard.

I talked to my husband about this at length last night and we both agreed that it’d be best if I go into to it as “normally” as possible. Let’s pretend there’s nothing wrong. πŸ˜€ But if I start to feel shitty and the body is not responding, then I’ll slow things down and reassess. And hopefully not DNF.

I’m happy to report that I haven’t cried. I’ve been totally mature (kinda) about the situation and I know that it’s something I can’t control. I can rest as much as I can, but beyond that, there’s not much else I can do.

Every morning I keep hoping that I’ll magically wake up 100%. One can hope.

–How do you handle sicknesses around race time?

–Any magic remedies you recommend?

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  1. ohhhh, this makes me so sad!! and I know all too well what you’re feeling. My goal race is still a month away but 3 of the 9 weeks of my training have been considerably thrown off my illness. I’m still not 100% truth be told. Just remember the journey is the reward. You only get one body and the longevity of running is what’s most important. Just relax, act like everything is a-ok and see how you feel race eve/morning. Good luck to you – I’m totally rooting for you!!!!!

    • Oh if I wasn’t running it at all, I would most def cry. I’m sorry friend. I know you have a big race in you and it’s just a matter of time for it to happen. I can’t wait for the possibility of us doing Chicago together ❀

  2. Oh girl! The weather seesaw we’ve been experiencing isn’t helping much either we all have runny noses. I like the positive approach you’re taking! You’ve got three days: get some good rest tonight and tomorrow night and stay hydrated. I swear by orange juice and Chompie’s chicken noodle soup. It may be more of a placebo effect, but that’s the magical combination that always helps me turn things around when I’m feeling sick.

    Either way, Saturday is a celebration of all the work that you put in! And to paraphrase fellow AZTNTers: Enjoy the run & have fun making it to the goal line. Don’t worry about the finish time!

  3. Aaah, I’m sorry you’re still not feeling well. Just be nice to yourself. Know that you’ve done everything you could to be successful, and it’s not your fault you got sick. No matter what happens, there will be other races and other goals.

  4. awe man 😦 that’s tough girl..
    Helly is hella nervous. haha. sorry had to say that. but for reals, I’m hoping you get better real soon also.!!

  5. I would try a decongestant for the ears to hopefully clear them. Then elderberry syrup! My husband calls it the hippy juice but I swear it works. You can get it at Sprouts or even Walgreens

  6. Well, if you were to ask my hubs, he would tell you 72 hours to a week for full recovery. So just think–you will be golden come race day! You just need to get your sleep, and not stress about it. Here’s the thing, as simple and (not helpful) as it is, there is, quite simply, nothing that you can do about it. Like the rain, or whatever else. So put yourself in the best position possible, and adrenaline will help you a lot!

  7. You and your husband are smart cookies :). That sounds like a fantastic plan! If you think of it this way, we never really know how we’re going to feel on race day, sickness or not, so it’s kind of the norm! Just adjust accordingly if need be as you get into your race groove, and you will be A-okay. I believe in you! πŸ™‚ ❀ I don't know if it works or not, my my mom…yes I know I'm 25 lol always tells me to take my multi-vitamin twice for a couple of days instead of just the once. I'm not so sure that would help with the congestion and stuff though. Maybe you need to steam up a super hot bath, close the door and just next to the bath to kind clear things up. She also used to make me do that when I had asthma problems when I was younger lol. Haha so there's a couple of mom-approved suggestions for ya and I hope you feel better soon!

  8. You may surprise yourself and feel wonderful the day of the race. I frequently get “taper colds” and they go away race morning. Sending healthy vibes your way!!

  9. I’m so sorry, Helly! I really hope you magically feel better for your marathon this weekend! You’ve worked so hard and I really want it all to fall into place for you. But life happens, and you’re being super smart about thinking ahead and possibly reassessing your goals. Good luck and wishing you the speediest of recoveries!!!