Positive Phoenix Marathon Memories

I didn’t actually finish Phoenix Marathon–if you missed the story of my DNF, you can catch up here.

Thank you so much to those who commented and reached out to me. Your support really does mean a lot. I love how amazing the running community is ❀

Thankfully, not everything about the weekend was bad.

The Expo

I left work early to get to the expo in time for the meet up of all meet ups.



It was definitely going down at the Pro Compression booth.

Pretty much everyone got there at the same time and I was surrounded by bloggers and Instagrammers galore! So many faces I recognized from stalking following on social media, I was like, “I know you!” and “I know you!” Except, of course, I didn’t really know them lol!

I saw my girl Meg (aka: @Maxfitgirl29) first and went straight up to her and introduced myself.

<3 her!

I ended up chatting with her the most and she was as awesome in person as she is on her Insta.

And the ever cool @dasilentassasin was also behind the booth.

Suuuuch a nice guy.

Suuuuch a nice guy.

The infectious smile that is Carlee


I saw one of my faves @michrun4 again. I’ve seen her a few times around town as she’s local (but is moving–sniff, sniff)

Don't gooooo!

Don’t gooooo!

Pavement Runner had sent me a good luck shirt and I sported it at the expo. I was lucky enough to snag a pic with him too. He is seriously an awesome dude.




And then I got to meet RunEMZ and The Athletarian (so many of these peeps have such cool names I noticed. I’m just helly πŸ™‚ ) RunEMZ is another local who is so amazing. She’s a well known ultra-marathoner around town (and elsewhere) who recently ran a 100 miler–having given birth less than 6 months earlier!–and got 1st female overall. Like, seriously whoa. Oh, and she trains on the treadmill. She is not only a badass but she is suuuuuper nice. And that’s the best. I love it when people are nice.


Me, RunEMZ, and The Athletarian

There were soooooo many people who were running this race it was difficult to find everyone. I was sad I missed Suz (who BQ’d!!) and Gregg and Smitha (and others) but it’s just another reason for a destination race πŸ™‚

Race Day

While I waited for Runner Jenny to cross, I cheered several of those I’d met as they made their way to the finish. I was cheering and cheering and the guy next to me said, “You sure know a lot of people!” Eveeerryone was running this race.

And me, well I was an emotional mess. I was disappointed and super disheartened at having not completed the race but at the same time, I was rejoicing with every person’s accomplishment. Even those I didn’t know! I saw people crying as they crossed, people pumping their fist in the air triumphantly, and even others spreading their arms out wide and soaring in across the line. I saw kids running with their moms, husbands with their wives, friends pacing their friends–it was absolutely amazing. I had never stayed and watched at a finish line like I did that day. And even though the circumstances were tough to swallow, I am so, so glad I did.


The finish line

My friend Nadia had told me on the phone earlier that she herself had crossed the finish line of the 10k and snagged herself a second place age group award!! I didn’t get to see her to squeeze her but she sent me a pic of her awesome award later that day.

Post Race (The Next Day)

I could have stayed home and sulked the next day, drowned my sorrows in fast food and soda, but instead I went to my run club’s post-race celebration picnic and heard everyone’s race stories. Several of my friends had PRd, a couple won age group awards, and a few had ran their first 1/2 marathon and marathon. I didn’t want to miss their post race glow–we had all trained together.


Lisa, who snagged a sub 4 hour marathon PR, me, and Runner Jenny

So even though this race has a dark cloud over it for me in many ways, there are definitely spots of sunshine throughout the weekend that doesn’t make Phoenix Marathon 2015 a total disaster. One thing is for certain, I will return in some capacity next year πŸ™‚

–What’s your favorite part of a race weekend? The day before (the expo), race day, or post race (all the food!)?



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  1. Your pics from the expo were THE BEST. And I love that you stayed to watch the finish and attended the picnic the next day. That just shows what I already know about you…you’re the most wonderful friend. ❀

  2. It shows alot about who you are that you could still have fun and celebrate with all your friends and focus on all the positive things that came from this. You got to meet so many people – how exciting!

  3. awe.! So fun. Glad there were lots of positives to your weekend πŸ™‚ always good to look at all the positives also. Looks like you got to meet a lot of people.!!

  4. I am glad you chose to highlight the positives of the weekend too, as its just so easy to dwell on what didn’t go right. The expo looked great and I NEED that Run All Day shirt…where can I get it? I LOVE it! I am also convinced you are the most photogenic person I know and your hair NEVER looks bad!! Seriously, teach me your tricks!! xo

    • Do you follow @pavementrunner on IG? He designs/sells them. He is suuuuuch a sweet guy!
      And oh my goodness thank you! It’s funny because I look at pics of myself and thing, oh boy! But it was fun and I wanted to share πŸ™‚ And this hair, I have TONS. I tell myself this will be a good thing when I’m older–right now, it just means high maintenance lol!

  5. Despite the DNF, I’m glad you had an awesome time meeting people and watching them finish. I need to remember to stick around to cheer people on when they finish…some races there are very few people left to cheer those last runners on. You met so many awesome peeps!

    • I had never done it before because I’m usually more at the end of a race so there’s not as much people left that cross lol!. I was able to start watching people who were finishing just after 3:30 (I’d NEVER be done around that time!) so it was cool to see the fast people finish. It was interesting because some of them were still cruising in like nothing and others were struggling soit was cool to see that even fast people struggle–they’re human too! πŸ™‚

  6. It’s so cool you went to hang out with everyone the day after! And you are now totally inspiring me to hang out by the finish line of a race sometime. It sounds awesome!

    • It really is so much fun! I had never done it before because I’m usually more at the end of a race so there’s not as much people left that cross. I was able to start watching people who were finishing just after 3:30 (I’d NEVER be done around that time!)

    • Thank you! Yes, I have a 5k next month that I’d like to do well on. I don’t do very many 5Ks b/c I’m not that fast but am hoping to get a good gauge on what my speed looks like πŸ™‚

  7. I am so happy you have some good memories from Race Weekend. I was so jealous of your epic meetups on IG. And your hair. You have amazing hair. I need tips.

    Expo looked awesome and glad you had a good time and even made it to the picnic. ❀

    • thanks meg! I have A TON of hair and sometimes it bothers me but I know when I’m older, I’ll appreciate it more lol!
      It was a great weekend with good memories, more so than bad. I’m trying to focus on that more πŸ™‚

  8. So glad you had a great race weekend despite the incident that shall not be named. Looks like you had a great from the expo on to the day after cheering on your friends and celebrating the following day! And I second the amazing hair!

  9. It looks like you had so much fun! I can’t imagine choosing a favorite part of a race weekend. The whole experience is the sum of the parts πŸ™‚

  10. You have such a great attitude. I love that you went back and cheered everyone else on. I’ve been injured before and know how much it sucks to cheer on others when you’re feeling terrible so I really admire you.

  11. You are so awesome. This post just shows what a sweetheart you are staying and cheering for everyone even though it was such a rough day. πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely be there in some capacity next year too! I have never spectated a marathon before and it was so much fun. Loved it!