School’s OUT for SUMMER!!

If you didn’t already know, I’m a high school English teacher by day. Today is the last day of school and it’s always bittersweet. By this time, I’m anxious for the break but I’m also always sad to see students go. I teach freshmen, sophomores (and some years, juniors) so there’s times when I’ll have a student multiple years. Inevitably, I connect with some and seeing them grow, mature, and develop into young adults makes me so emotionally come graduation. They’re leaving. And I don’t know if I’ll ever see them again.

There’s nothing you can really say to an 18 year old about what awaits them. Life is something you just experience on your own. I worry about the struggles they’ll face, but I’m always hopeful that they’ll stick to what’s right and remember that there’s people that care for them.

That’s what I try to instill in my students. People care about them. And the choices they make not only affect them, but those around them, those that care about them.

Every time my students leave my classroom, I yell out a “Be safe!” They tell me that that is something they remember about me, me constantly telling them to be safe. It makes them feel cared for.

This particular class is special to me. There were a couple of students that I had their freshman and sophomore year and who were my teacher’s assistant their senior year. I’ve become close to them and I’m sad to see them go. Whenever I do have students that I grow particular close with, I always tell them to stay in touch and some do, most don’t. This year I was pinky-sweared and promised that they’d let me know how they’re doing as they embark on their new adventures–one to the Marines, one to an east coast college to play baseball, and another to our state university.

I’m lucky enough to have many, many memories that will stay with me forever and before the seniors left, they managed to leave me (and the rest of their teachers) one more positive memory by way of their senior prank. Instead of doing something immature or detrimental to themselves or the school, they decided to have some fun while helping the community. Outside my room down my hall, a large group of seniors gathered in front of the balcony and proceeded to take off their shoes and throw them to the seniors who had gathered below. They in turn also took off their shoes and it wasn’t too long before we saw shoes everywhere! At first, we weren’t sure what was going on or what the meaning of the prank was but then the seniors explained. They were donating all the shoes to a local homeless shelter! The story even made our local news!

I love my job and I love my school. Like any job, there are tough days, but moments like the senior prank and occasional notes of thanks make it so, so worth it.


I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Anyone stateside have Monday off?? ❤ , helly

–Do you have a teacher that you fondly remember?

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  1. Sounds like you are a great teacher! I have a handful of teachers (who have become friends as I’ve moved into adulthood) that I remember and value their knowledge and expertise. I’ve had one of my former one phys. ed teachers connect through my work as he retired and have taken courses from him. It’s great to see what he is doing but also I’m proud to share with him what I’ve done and how his class affected my career choice (in outdoor rec/physical activity).
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Awwww, this is so sweet. It takes a great person to be a teacher. That’s the sweetest school prank I’ve ever heard. Whoever came up with that idea is a genius – and has a very compassionate soul. It sounds like your students will go on to do great things.
    My favorite teacher went by the name of “Doc”. I had him for physics two years in a row (the second year was AP Physics; I didn’t have to do it twice! lol). He was so passionate about it and always took his time to explain and stay late with students if they needed extra help. His experiments were always super creative too! And when we were seniors, he brought us munchkins and coffee every Friday morning 😀

    • He sounds like a great teacher!!! I remember by chemistry teacher vividly. I *hate* all things science and math (heck, I’m an English teacher lol!) but he made his class SO fun and I always looked forward to going to it 🙂

  3. I was incredibly lucky (as your students obviously are) and had some truly remarkable teachers throughout my schooling. I even named one of my horses after one of them! I looked forward to seeing my teachers at reunions, and I would go back and see them time and again when visiting. Teachers rule!

  4. As a teacher myself, I totally understand. You never know what’s going to happen to them. Unfortunately one of my former students passed away a few weeks ago. Whenever I think of her, I think of where she sat and how she smiled cheerfully as she worked away. Her incredible positive nature is what I’ll always remember about her. I don’t think our students know just how much they affect us as we affect them.

  5. What a sweet note. I have always thought you seemed like a great teacher. Your students are very lucky and how nice to be recognized. The other day we walked by a group of new NYU graduates and I jokingly said to Rock, “Good luck. Your life as you know it is about to end!” But I did think of you teachers last week when I had my last skating group of the season. It felt so great and I told my dad I can’t imagine how awesome that must feel as a teacher times 100! Happy summer!

  6. That prank is really cool. I don’t know many high school students who would do something like that for those in need. You’ve had a major impact on your students and I’m so glad one of them took the time to write you a very well-deserved note to let you know just how much you mean to them:) I’ve had a few teachers that I think I will always remember. Some as far back as first grade! They will definitely remember you!

  7. WOW I feel like I could have written this. I’m a high school computer teacher and last year was particularly hard for me. I had many of the students in the class that graduated every single year, from freshman to senior year. If I didn’t have them in class, they spent their free periods hanging in my room, helping me out. I still miss them. Some of them stayed in touch – but like you said, most of them don’t. It’s not like I want them to stay in touch and be my “friends”, I just like knowing that they are okay because I care about them. This year, I didn’t grow as close to as many but there are a handful that I’m sad to see leave. I have two girls right now (a sophomore and a junior) and seeing them go will be really hard – but I still have them around for awhile. I have Monday off, but I will be in my building until June 10th! Soooo jealous that you are already done, though!! Awesome!!

    • Exactly!!! I don’t want to know every detail of their lives but a check-in every now and then to let me know they’re okay–it’s not like they graduate and you never think about them again, you know? I love that you get it ❤

    • Thank you so much Ali! You’re right in that end of year stuff gets super stressful so it’s nice to get some acknowledgement and even more so when they’re from the people who matter most–students! 🙂

  8. What a beautiful way to end the year!! Seeing that you have impacted the kids you work with has to be one of the best feelings I am sure! I had a few teachers that hold a very special part in my heart and even all these years that have passed, I still remember the lessons they taught me, both in and out of the classroom! I hope you have a wonderful summer with the kids and Ben!

  9. Be Safe. Best thing to say to high school kids EVER. I am so impressed by you. You have such a wonderful opportunity to really make an impact— and you are! Congratulations on a Great School Year Helly!!! xoxo