Happy Hump Day/Month!!!

It’s officially the middle of the year as we wrap up month 6!! I can’t believe how fast 2015 is flying by…

It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride– I started off the year with Rock n Roll Arizona 1/2 Marathon finishing 12 seconds away from a PR. I wasn’t bummed about it as I hadn’t been actively trying to PR (I had during my 1/2 marathon the month before) but I was bummed I didn’t have the presence of mind to see/realize how close I was. I know I could’ve finish 13 seconds faster.

I chalked it up as a learning experience. Heck, to have two 1/2 marathons within a month of each other at that time (1:55)–that’s a plus in my book!

February had a disappointing Lost Dutchman 10k. This was during my bronchitis bout and I felt and ran absolutely awful that day. I finished the race in 52:57 in 2014 and in 57:41 in 2015. Just awful.

But what stands out the most between January and June is my DNF at Phoenix Marathon. This was the race I had been training so hard for and to not be able to finish….it still stings when I think about it. Not as strong, but it still stirs the emotions.

I let myself be sad for awhile after that day, and I think it’s okay to do that. I just didn’t let the sadness linger for too long. I knew it wasn’t because of me, that the reason I couldn’t finish was out of my control. You always hear people say, “Listen to your body!” My body was sick and I wasn’t listening to it. I know better now.

I’ve come away from that experience with a lot of positivity. I had a great training cycle for Phoenix despite not finishing the race. I was confident that I would reach my goal that day had I been well. And because of that, I know I can do the same (and even better!) for October.

I definitely feel these past 6 months have made me a stronger runner. I can physically feel it and I mentally feel it. I knew that after the epic year that was 2014, I wouldn’t be able to replicate that. And why should I try? It’s a different year with different goals and different challenges.

That’s what keeps things interesting, right??

I have a lot to look forward to the next half of 2015. A lot. I’ll be climbing Mt. Humphrey’s in August, traveling to Vancouver in September, running the Chicago Marathon in October, Ragnar and the USA Half Marathon in San Diego in November, and back to the race where I snagged a 1/2 marathon PR last December. Except for the latter, all of these things will be new experiences!

And really, I already had a pretty epic 2015 race…..the one I ran with my brother ❀

I hope everyone has a great week!! We’re almost to Friday!! ❀ , helly

Unknown –What are your high/low points of 2015 so far? Any epic races? Any duds?

–What are you looking forward to the next 6 months?


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  1. I love your positive attitudes. DNFs are hard to accept, but I think it truly was for the best. High point of 2015 was running the Boston Marathon. Best race atmosphere, and a truly special experience. The weather though was a TOTAL dud. My low has to be this last month. Not only has my health been a struggle, I haven’t been able to run much. Since I’m now starting to train for NYCM I’m hoping that will all turn around. Nov1 will be here before I know it!

  2. It definitely helps to let yourself be upset and then move forward with a positive attitude. Everyone has ups and downs, but your attitude is what makes the difference between giving up and moving on and making yourself better!!

  3. I still feel for you for what happened in Phoenix. You totally did have a great training, and then it all came to an abrupt halt. That then kept going on. You and Sue got majorly stricken in the past 7 months with killer viruses.
    I have no doubt that, with good health, you will have a fabulous fall. You are primed and ready, and you are hungry for it! So go and get it!

  4. Your Phoenix training was phenomenal, and while the race didn’t pan out, it still served it’s purpose because the training taught you that you were capable of so much more than I bet you thought! I’m super excited for you and Chicago πŸ˜€ I think I may do Fiesta again this year! With how it went for me last year, I want a do-over haha. Plus, then I don’t have to wait until Phoenix for us to be at the same race πŸ™‚

  5. Love your positive attitude and you have soo much to look forward to going ahead to the second part of the year!! You are doing awesome, keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  6. I had an epic 2014 also and haven’t been able to replicate it. I think I spent the spring getting too hung up on that. I am just going to enjoy what the rest of 2015 brings – even if it means no PRs and less racing. I think you have a great attitude about everything and you are inspiring me to look at the rest of 2015 the same way!!

  7. Hmm, I haven’t really had much going on this year yet. I typically don’t race much until later in the summer/fall. Last year was a pretty good year for me as I dropped over a minute off my 5k PR. Not sure if I can hit those times this year or not; time will tell! πŸ™‚

  8. I love your attitude with all of this ❀ I feel like there are so many goals I haven't hit yet this year either, but I'm happy with where I'm at and where I'm going. There's so much more ahead of us!!! You are gonna rock Chicago!

  9. Way to be positive! I think it’s OK to wallow a bit, but the most important thing is learning something from the experience. It sounds like you’ve had some bumps in the road but still have your head up! Go Helly!

  10. What a productive year you’ve had so far!!! As for the marathon, I read that post not too long ago and seriously you were sick which happens!! You can’t let yourself feel guilty for that. Sounds like the rest of your year is going to be so fun!! I look forward to reading about everything. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you!!
      Congrats on your super great run!! I tried commenting on your post but I think Blogger hates me 😦 (sorry if it posts multiple times–it wasn’t showing up for me 😦 )

  11. It’s pretty awesome you got you run with your brother! I’m looking forward to not being injured and running my first race of the year in September…and just getting stronger πŸ™‚ Happy 4th of July to you!

  12. I haven’t had a DNF yet, but I’m sure it will come one day and I hope I handle it as well as you when it does. What I’m looking forward to is my marathon in October! Hoping to get in under four hours, but if not, as least coming away with a PR. I feel so much better about where I am now vs. where I was training for my first full so hopefully I can keep up the momentum! Hope you have a great weekend! πŸ™‚