Mid-Week Musings: Meeting Online Friends

Happy Hump Day!!!

I’m nearing the day I have to renew my “website subscription” and it’s always a reminder of how long I’ve had this page (2 years!). It always makes me think about how I’ve met so many awesome people through my blog and it’s a big reason I keep writing–even though sometimes I feel like I’m not exciting enough to have a blog, lol!

Anyway, there’s so many people who I’ve “met” online and have followed their journeys and have been inspired. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some people in person and cross some bloggers off my list, but it seems as I check people off, I “meet” more cool people online.

At Phoenix Marathon, I got to meet Pavement Runner, Maxfitgirl, RunEMZ, The Athletarian (how hilarious is it to call people by their blog names?!!).

This past summer, I got to meet Hailey@StridingStrong and last October, I got to meet Sue@ThisMamaRunsForCupcakes at Marine Corps Marathon.

It was at MCM that I got to meet my BRF, Salt who I had actually “met” on an online mommy’s group before we became running bloggers 🙂

My BRF and sole sister--Salt <3

My BRF and sole sister–Salt ❤ (fave meet-up!)

As race season approaches (for me, it starts this weekend!), I am going to be crossing off quite a few people on my Bloggers I’d Like to Meet In Real Life list (don’t we all have a list like that?)

This weekend, I’ll be racing in Vancouver (what?!) and I’ll meet Suzy@SuzyHasTheRuns. She’s a new find for me and it was instant love–she’s so rad (and fast!)–and I’m so pumped to meet her. There might be some uncomfortable closeness as I hope some of her speed rubs off on me.

In Chicago, oh boy….There are SO many bloggers who are running, I just hope that we can make the meet up work. I’m hoping that Sarah@RunningOnHealthy, Scott@PirateBobcat, Kristina@BlogAboutRunning, Amber@PbandPrs, and Suzy@SuzLyfe rearrange their schedules for some Helly time.

Mike from RunNerdsRock will be there, Jenny from RunJennyRun will be there–I’m sure I’m missing a whole bunch of people and I know that trying to meet everyone will be close to impossible, dammit!, but with the help of social media, I’m hoping we can make it happen.

After Chicago, the fun continues as Mar from Mar On The Run will be coming to meeeee!!! She and I will be running Rock n Roll Arizona 😀 and when she tweeted me confirmation, I totally squee’d. Mar knew she owed me since we didn’t make a meet-up happen when I went to her at MCM 😉 (Love ya, Mar!)

And Suzy@SuzyHasTheRuns will also be coming to me at RnR! Double meet-up!

Race season on its own is exciting. Having the chance to meet awesome people on top of it …


–Have you met bloggers in person?

–Do you have a “list” of bloggers you’d want to meet?

–How often do you refer to your online friends to friends in real life? (Um me, all the time, lol!)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be crossing the border tomorrow and will be MIA from my blog–but, if you miss me, follow me on Insta for some Canadian pics 🙂

❤ , helly

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  1. I’m super jealz that you are meeting Suzy!!! I’ve met two other bloggers. A bunch are coming into town for the Runner’s World Festival in a few week so we’ll see if any meet ups happen! So bummed I didn’t know YOU when I ran Lost Dutchman last year!!! Have FUN!

  2. Yes, OF COURSE we are going to find time to meetup! I am going to send you an email today 🙂 I’m pretty that we’re staying in the same hotel, so meeting up should be super easy!!!

  3. I don’t think I’ve met any bloggers, but I have recognized a few spectating the Boston Marathon (skinnyrunner & MsFitRunner come to mind). Enjoy all your meet ups, and thanks for a great new list of bloggers to check out!! 🙂

  4. I’m glad you wrote about this! I’ve been blogging for a couple years now too but I haven’t wanted to meet anyone and I’ve gone out of my way to stay really private about stuff on my blog. Part of it is because of mine & my husband’s jobs but it’s also just about being kind of private anyway (except about running! then I can’t shut up!). But now I told some blogger followers/friends I’d meet them at MCM & Disney this year. ha! It feels so so weird but reading your experiences makes me feel better about it. And runners are always such nice people in my experience anyway!

    • I definitely feel I’m more a private blogger. My blog is small (and I kinda like it that way) but I’m always still apprehensive about posting pictures of my kids or revealing too much about where I live. The internet def can be scary. That being said, I’ve only had positive experiences meeting people in real life. I think after you’ve followed someone for a while and read about their lives, you can make a good decision if that’s someone you’d want to meet in person, lol! Have fun at MCM–it was my bucket race and I ran it last year! 😀

  5. I love meeting blogger friends. I’ve only met a couple through my current blog, but I’ve met other friends through my old blog (many many many years ago). We’re still friends and we went through so much together and really bonded over our posts (when you’re in your very early 20s, there’s a lot of emo-blogging going on). We often have fun talking about what we used to write and say, “Remember the time when I thought X was the most horrible thing ever and my life was over?” Then we have a good laugh.

    I don’t mind being the one to go over and say to a blogger whom I’ve been following and talking to through comments (like you, Helly), but I would feel weird if I didn’t have any interaction with them. I don’t need people to respond back every time I comment, but I feel strange going up to them to say hi if I left comments on their blog and they NEVER respond to me. It’s like, “Hi, I’m the stalker that reads and comments on your blog, but you never acknowledge my existence.”

    • Very good points! I may say hi even if they don’t comment on my blog–I think it depends (on what, I”m not sure, ja!). I know that the people I met at Phoenix Marathon probably don’t read my blog, lol, but I thought it was still cool to meet them. It def makes the meet up more more fun if there’s a friendship already in place–even if it’s through blog comments. Totally less awkward 🙂

  6. You are so lucky to have met so many bloggers and have more that you get to meet! I am so jealous you get to meet Suzy!!!! 🙂 I have met Heather @ Girl Goes Running which was awesome for me because I really love reading her blog. I have also met Merenda from Fairytales and Fitness. She is a very sweet girl and we had a lot of fun chatting. I get to me Ali @ Hit the Ground Running and Kristina @ Blog About Running when I run a half in December! I am heading down to their neck of the woods in FL! CAN’T WAIT!

  7. It’s my time to renew as well – and funny enough, these same thoughts are what got me to renew last year! I’m definitely not as active with my own blog as I used to be, but I love making a connection with other bloggers!
    Last year alone I met Salt, NYC Running Mama, Jess from Pace of Me, and Lisa from Running Out of Wine 🙂 A couple years ago I met Mile-Posts, and this year I had a quick meet up with Sweaty Mess Mama. It’s crazy to think of how many bloggers I’ve actually met!
    I have a list of those I’d like to meet IRL too, and I can’t wait to check you off the list next month! When will you be in town? I’m flying in on Friday morning, and leaving on Tuesday.

  8. I love meeting online friends! You were one of my highlights for sure! So excited that you will finally get to run with Mar! She is the best!