A Rock and Roll Weekend (RnR AZ Recap)

I didn’t run RnR Arizona as most of you know, but my husband did and I was still very excited about this race because of that reason and several others.

I’ve been very lucky to have met several blogger buddies and this past weekend I was able to scratch two more off my long list!

I found Suzy last year and it was love at first read. She swears a lot (which I do in real life–right, Scott?) and often when I read her blog, I’m just nodding at how much I relate to what she’s saying. If only I was as fast as her….oh wells! πŸ˜€

Anyway, we Facebooked messaged leading up to the race to figure out how we could meet up. She’s from Canada so we couldn’t text so thank goodness for technology. I managed to sneak away to the expo Friday so I could catch her–my husband wouldn’t be going til the next day.

And as I was walking in, she was walking out–as soon as our eyes met, we squealed!


Suzy and me

She’s so pretty. She’s beautiful in her writing, but in person… ❀

The next day, Saturday, I went back to the expo this time with my husband. I was texting with Mar all morning to make sure we met up and as I looked up mid-text, there she was! Oh man, had I been waiting for this day! I somehow missed Mar when I was in her hood for Marine Corps Marathon and we vowed to not let the chance escape us this time. We seriously chatted for almost an hour there at the expo like we’d known each other forever–which 2 years in the blog world kinda is, lol!


Me and Mar

At the expo, they had a special for next year’s race and since this is a race we always do (it was both of our first half marathon) we signed up!


First race of 2017! (wow, lol!)

I hit the Lululemon booth and snagged these really cute shorts


and used a coupon they gave to buy some pants πŸ™‚

The ProCompression booth was nearby so I was able to visit my Instagram buddy Shane. He is super sweet!


Race day was the next day and my husband and I ventured out early in the morning. We’re pros at this race as it’s become a yearly thing for us. I wanted to get there a little earlier than usual though, because I was hosting a meet up spot for the Arizona Moms Run This Town chapters. We had a good group turn out for the pre-race photo and it was so much fun meeting women from different chapters around Phoenix.


Arizona Moms Run This Town


After, I walked my husband to his corral, corral 2, and he was off! I waited along the corral fences holding my sign and cheered the runners as they started. I even got to see Mar again! I waited til the very last corral, corral 19, and had an absolute blast. Some people recognized the MRTT name and posed with my sign as they waited for their start. It was so cool!

My husband had been running for about 30 minutes when the last corral started. The start line and the finish line are just under a mile apart so I began making my way there to catch him.

Thanks to tracking, I knew how much time I had before he’d be approaching the finish. I was able to catch him turn the 13 mile corner and he waved to me as he ran to the finish line.

We took a post race pic and hung out for a while and then we went home! It was such a fun weekend that I hardly noticed I didn’t race πŸ˜‰ (you guys know that’s not true, lol!)


He let me keep his medal ❀

How was your running weekend?

Have you met bloggers/social media friends at races?

Have you had fun at races you were supposed to run but didn’t? πŸ˜€

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  1. Okay, so I am so jealz that you met Suzy!!!! Also, love that you cheered on your husband! Mine just started to run and I hope to be able to cheer for him in a marathon one day πŸ™‚ He says he will never run one. You look gorgeous in your pictures, love that last one of you guys!

  2. How awesome is this?! I love that you got to meet so many bloggers and cheer on your husband (who is awesome). I still think you have had the absolute best attitude about not getting to run at points. You’re an inspiration!

  3. That is so awesome you got to meet blogger friends! I would love to meet Suzy. πŸ™‚ I love her blog. I met Heather @ Girl Goes Running at Boston and Ali @ Hit the Ground Running and Kristina @ Blog About Running this December in FL. I also met Meranda @ Fairytales and Fitness a couple times because we don’t live far from each other. πŸ™‚

  4. What a great weekend! You are definitely a glass-half-full person! Glad you got to meet your blogger buddies – i”ll have to check Suzy out. I’ve spectated at a couple of my husband’s marathons and when I see him I act like a crazy person (and he someone never manages to see me LOL) and just about burst with pride.

    • Totally!! I get so emotional when I see him. It’s rare because we usually do the same race and he always finishes before me, or he’s watching me race. It’s not usually me watching him and each time I do, I get so ridiculously happy and and excited for him πŸ˜€ ❀

  5. ayayaya!! I absolutely LOVED meeting you this weekend. So glad we were able to make it happen!! Love you sweets, you’re amazing for coming out and cheering and I have no doubt you’ll come back stronger than ever!

  6. Okay, you’re like the sweetest, most kindest person ever. You really are. All that sweetness and kindness is even more contagious in person. I am SO GLAD I got to meet you and I so wish we could have met up when you guys were in Vancouver that time. It was such a tough weekend for me though–I just couldn’t swing it. 😦 I love all your photos, and I’m so glad you’re back up running again. It would be so hard to spectate without knowing when you’ll ever be able to run. I’m sure it was tough watching everyone though!

    I definitely did NOT utilize the race expo booths like I should have. Major regrets!

  7. It sounds like you really made the most out of not being able to run it yourself and still had a great weekend! I’m so impressed that you already committed to a 2017 race!!! πŸ™‚

    • I know, right?!? But we do this race every year so figured we’d get a good deal on it, lol! I think I’d like to do Houston Marathon someday which is the same weekend. Maybe 2018. Sheesh, that sounds so far away!

  8. Haven’t been by in forever. Sorry to read about your break from running, that is always a huge bummer. Glad to see things are improving. Thought i saw you guys at the finish line but wasn’t sure and didn’t want to do the strange “hey I know you guys” thing lol. Rock n roll is a great race, they do a great job of throwing a race even though Mike 10 is a joke in my opinion lol.

  9. So glad you and Mar got to meet!! This race was my very first half way back when it was PF Changs Rock N Roll! And a Lululemon booth? Say what?!