FroYo Race Pics and More

Happy Friday!!

Short post today but wanted to share with you pics from FroYo. There were a couple I liked, but it wouldn’t be Helly’s blog if I didn’t share the ones that weren’t so great, lol!

If you recall from my recap, I wrote that I fist pumped my way through the finish line. I wasn’t lying 😀



And while they didn’t get me with full pumps in the air, you get the idea. I was so ridiculously happy to snag a PR.

I also mentioned in my recap how I struggled with my earphones. It was right at the start actually when they started to fall out and here’s proof:


LOL @ my face!!!

Of course, I got it together and just went with it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 8.20.45 AM

These pictures were free so that was another cool feature of the race. I finally did get a response from the race director and while it’ll be a while for them to fix/add my time, it will get done. I’m a little bummed they’ll be using my time and not their chip time (you know, sometimes you gain a few seconds 😉 ) but it’s okay, I’m just glad it’ll be taken care of. As far as my age group placement, I had to be there to accept the award anyway…

I have Nick’s Run this Sunday and I’m super excited. Their medals look super cool and I’ll be getting the Double Challenge one since I’m doing the 5k and 10k back to back. I don’t plan on “racing” as I figured this would be my long run leading up to Phoenix 1/2 next weekend. The 5k is tempting to race but I don’t want to do anything foolish.

I had originally not planned to “race” Phoenix 1/2 as I didn’t think I’d be ready with less than 6 weeks to train, but now I’m toying with just going for it and seeing what I can do, given I had a good 10k last week and have been doing well with the training I have done so far. What are your guys’ thoughts?

My only qualm is that I haven’t done any double digit long runs. I did a 9 miler 2 weeks ago, (my 10k last weekend), and I’ll be doing 9.3 this weekend (BUT, I plan on adding a warm mile and cool down mile to make it 11.3–it just won’t be done consecutively).

Anyway, those are my random Friday thoughts (not as short as I had said, lol!). I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Who else is racing??

Local peeps, there’s still time to register for Nick’s Run!! Check out the bling!

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    • But you’re you, Miss Badass, lol! Like Suz pointed out, my concern is my recovery. If I hadn’t been injured, I’d totally be cool with running and confident in my base to do a 1/2 without a double digit run. What makes me feel like I could do it is that I did cross train the entire 6 weeks I was out so it’s not like I went back to running coming from ground zero.

      • Grrr. the app prematurely sent my reply.

        If you feel comfortable running 9 miles, then that’s good. You can do a few more long runs of either 9 or 10 miles and take the half easy.

        I haven’t been running much because of my bronchitis. The NYC Half is in a month and it looks like it’s going to be a VERY EXPENSIVE fun run for me.

  1. You can definitely do it. Mind over matter. I got super sick for three weeks before a half marathon and lost virtually all of my training with two weeks left till race day. I ended up running the whole half without stopping, which I couldn’t do the first time around! Crazy what our bodies can do. 🙂

    • I totally think the body will tell you what’s okay and what’s not. I had that happen at Phoenix Marathon last year. I was so sick but I REALLY wanted to run. I had trained so hard for that race. But at mile 12, I pulled out. My body told me it wasn’t gonna happen that day.

  2. Here’s the thing. If you were just coming off of an illness, like Saraandhersoles, then I would say you could still go out and blitz. But you are coming off of a stress/overuse injury. Think about what happened for me at Chicago–I ran a really hard race at speaks and stress that my body wasn’t ready for. It wasn’t like, oh, you were sick but you body was ready for that type of stress.
    Do you really want to risk 6 weeks of CRUTCHES? Not even just not running? That is the question you have to ask yourself.
    But I do love the pictures.

    • Totally understand, I guess my question is: when am I okay to race? At what point? How many weeks/months post injury? You know what I mean? My doctor told me to stick to 3 days a week of running for a few months, which I’ve done, and cross/strength train, which I’ve done. It’s totally normal for me (anyone) to want to jump back in but at 7 weeks out, am I “jumping” in? Thanks for your thoughts, Suz. You’re someone whose words I listen carefully to ❤

  3. Such great finish photos!!!! I’d probably not try to run the half without good training. After being injured for 9 months plus last year and still trying to figure out the right balance to stay injury free….I would be scared I’d do something my body (healed injuries) aren’t ready for.
    Good luck this weekend!

  4. Oh, those pictures are so good! You look like you’re running hard but effortless!

    As for racing…how long have you officially been back to running now? Has your doctor given you the all-clear? Are you planning on going back to see if you’re allowed to full-out train yet? I think if your injury is fully healed then you might be ready to push it, but if you’re still technically in recovery mode, then maybe not.

    • It’s been 7 weeks since I started running and at the time the doctor told me to keep it at 3 runs a week which I’ve done. He didn’t give me a date where I can add a day if I wanted to or when I could “full out train” though. I feel good and I think with the addition of the cross training I’ve been doing, that I’ve been recovering well. We shall see.

  5. Great photos Helly! I think that you can totally finish the race. My advice would be to treat it as a progression run. Start conservatively and then speed it up if you’re feeling good. I know that you will drop or slow if you need too but at some point you have to take a chance.

  6. You look like you’re going to cry when your earbuds came out and I don’t blame you ONE BIT. I’d be SO MAD if that happened to me! You did so well! Don’t worry about the lack of double digit runs. Your fitness is great right now. You have nothing to worry about.

    • LOL, I verrry rarely run with music and I’m not sure it was tears welling or anger that I was even dealing with the bullshit, jaja!!! I ran with better earphones this past weekend and had no problems so that helped, lol!
      Thanks for the note of confidence! ❤