Last Week’s Running/Workouts And A Little On What’s Next


This was the day after Phoenix 1/2 but turned into the rest of the week, lol!!

BRF Runner Jenny, who happens to be my sport’s doctor’s assistant, advised me to rest the week following my race so like a good patient, I did.

So I ate instead. A lot. I think I seriously gained a good 5 pounds this last week. The Monday after the race I went home and visited my mom–which meant tamales, tortillas, and all the Mexican food I could handle. It was amazing.

We were home by Wednesday evening, and by Friday I was getting antsy so I took the kids to the gym and got on the bike for 20 minutes. My first form of exercise all week. It felt good to get some sweat on.

Saturday morning I met up with some run club friends and got in a good 6 miler. We almost got negative splits too!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.05.16 AM

Sunday my run club held their annual Shamrock Shuffle 5k. We have a huge group with people at varying running abilities. My faster friends were either out of town, resting from last week’s marathon, racing somewhere, injured and out for the count, or doing a longer training run solo so it allowed me to FINISH FIRST and get a snazzy new unofficial PR.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.18.12 AM

My daughter was so excited that mommy was the “line leader” lol!!

It was fun morning and on the way home, we made a pit stop to visit some of my son’s friends

These are in front of someone's house. Like, in their yard.

These are in front of someone’s house. Like, in their yard.


Overall, a great, relaxing week: 9.15 miles running miles, a little over 3 bike miles

And as far as what’s next:

MarchTri For The Cure (it’s a baby tri, lol! 400m swim, 8 mile bike, 2.4 mile run)
AprilSinister Night Trail Race 27k
MayRun Like A Mother 5k (I’m an ambassador for this race!! Local friends, use PHXHELLY5 for $5 off!)
May–Grand Canyon R2R2R with my husband!

I’m really trying to not race as much this year and focus on my main goal of getting a marathon PR. Last month was super motivating and I’m ready to devote my energy into building up a good base, working on cross/strength training, and be as ready as I can be when it’s marathon time. Tomorrow is the big day where I’ll find out if I’m in for NYC Marathon and if I’m not, I’m thinking of Tucson Marathon in December.

And that’s all I got! Hope everyone has a great week! Happy Monday 🙂

–Any big races this year for you?

–Do you have something cool in your yard? Like dinosaurs?

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  1. Wait, is that another PR that you glossed over quickly?! Congrats, Helly! And so cool to be the Line Leader too 🙂 Wow, I can’t believe those dinosaurs are in someone’s yard! I wonder what the story behind it is. Good luck with getting in to the NYC Marathon! I’m running a spring half and hoping to run a fall marathon, but I haven’t narrowed down which one yet!

    • Thank you!
      I always wonder how they decided to put dinosaurs in their yard. Every time I drive by I think that, lol!! I usually do a spring and fall too but this will be the first in three years where I’ll do just one. I needed a break, ja! Maybe for your fall/winter you can do Tucson??? 😀

  2. It’s good to give your body plenty of rest after a race! I hardly did anything last week post-Phoenix! Don’t worry, you won’t lose fitness in one week! Big race for me is Boston, my first time running that marathon. I am so excited! You have some exciting marathons on your list– good luck getting in to NYC! Tucson would be an amazing alternative!

    • I wasn’t worried about losing fitness but more so gaining weight, lol!! So exciting to run Boston–it’s a dream of mine like so many others 🙂 I love reading about other’s experiences though–so motivating!!!

    • Yes, some just do R2R. We don’t do R2R2R in one day–we do R2R the first day, and then 2R the next morning. 🙂 There’s controversy amongst some ultra runners who don’t like that we call it R2R2R since we don’t do it all the same day but I don’t care. I still call it that 😀

      • Man people will get their panties in a bunch about anything, won’t they? Would you mind sharing what company/tour group you use when you do this? My dad, brother, and I want to do R2R but I think we would feel more comfortable if we went with a group of knowleagable people and a guide.

      • I totally would advise going through a tour group. I actually have no idea how my run club organizes it; our coach does everything and we just pay, train, and show up. I can look around for you though!

  3. First I want to run the Grand Canyon R2R with you please.
    Second consider Revel Canyon City in November for your PR race if not NYC!
    Third I can’t wait to see what these next few months and year holds for you and killer 5K PR!

  4. Those dinosaurs are just awesome! Congrats on the win. A win is a win! Rock and I are training for a marathon in May and I am doing another in June. So I am refraining from racing until then. I honestly just really enjoy the process of marathon training and following it, so I am opting out of races until then. Congrats again. You are seriously on a roll!

  5. Congrats Helly! You are a PR machine this year. I’m so jealous you’re doing R2R2R again. When I visited the Grand Canyon we hiked a mile or two down and it made me want to go down to the river so bad! Maybe some day!

  6. No Dinosaurs in our yard but I have ran the Tucson marathon – in fact, it was my first marathon in 2012 🙂 good luck with NY but sounds like you have some cool alternatives. I’m coming up on my first attempt in a series of 3 marathons to qualify for the marathon maniacs, 3 marathons in less than 90 days and then thinking of my first ultra type endurance event in August – not official yet, so I haven’t blogged about it!

  7. I ate a lot this week. Not so much rested but didn’t work too hard either. So we’ll call it a draw. I don’t have a backyard, currently. But if I did, dinosaurs would be an excellent addition!

  8. Ha ha! Dinosaurs! That’s awesome. Congrats on that 5k race! You’re an animal! I have no doubt you’ll smash your marathon PR. I can’t wait to witness your 3am wake-ups during the next training cycle. You’re my inspiration!