Phoenix Marathon Ambassador and an Instagram GIVEAWAY!!!


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Happy Hump Day!! It certainly is in HellyLand as I’m so happy to share with you that I was chosen to be a Phoenix Marathon ambassador 😀 If you’ve been reading this blog a while, then you’ll remember this was my very first marathon back in 2014.

Each year since, the race has given me some pretty special moments–my first DNF in 2015, and my current half PR in 2016. You’re probably thinking how my DNF could be “special” but it was. I learned so much from that low moment as much as learned from my high at this year’s race.

It’s a race I’m pretty certain I’ll do each year because I really do love it. I love the course–it’s not intimidating at all

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 6.37.04 PM

and I love that so many of my friends do it. It’s just a big running party. For it being *the* Phoenix Marathon, it’s not a huge race (yet) so it has a real homey feel to it. The start of the full has bonfires to keep us warm (it’s cold here in February! 50 degrees cold!) and fireworks to send us off.

It’s also a race many are finding out is a good course to BQ. Good ‘ol Suz killed the course last year and several of my friends have come out of there with qualifying times.

Because I want everyone to come visit me in Arizona and because I know you’ll want to escape your cold in Februrary, I’m giving away a FREE entry to the Phoenix HALF or FULL. The giveaway is on my Instagram only (sorry non Insta ppl). If you don’t have Instagram or don’t want to wait, you can use Helly10 for $10 off your registration for the FULL or HALF distance. Sign up and run with meeeeee!!!! ❤ , helly

–Do you have a local race you always participate in?

–How’s the weather where you’re from in February? (It’s bliss here.)

Linking up with Smitha and Erica for their Wednesday Giveaway Roundup!!

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21 responses

  1. I’m gonna visit your Insta right now and try for this because…WHY THE HELL NOT?!?! Let’s see what happens and if I get it, it was meant to be 🙂

  2. Wow huge congrats. I thought about applying to be an ambassador then I got lazy and completely forgot to do it lol.

    Agree 100% that it’s a great event. Love the course. I’m with you, provides a ton of great moments. Really liked the fires and heaters at the start of the full marathon.

    I may have to take advantage of your discounts 👍

  3. Congrats, how exciting! I lived in Arizona for over a year and am already signed up to return and run this race in February. Could not be more excited!! 🙂

  4. CONGRATS, Helly!! They couldn’t have picked a better ambassador than you! Ooooh, maybe one year I’ll combine a trip to visit my dad AND the Phoenix Marathon 🙂 🙂