Hanson’s/NYC Marathon Training: Week 5

Week 5 in the books!!

Marathon Goal– 3:50
Marathon Pace/Tempo Runs– 8:45
Easy Runs–9:40-10:20
Long Runs–9:29

Here’s how the week went down.

Monday, August 1st Easy 5 miles, 10:04 avg

The plan said 6 but I was pushed for time as I did these miles in the afternoon/evening and I was expecting visitors. It was a hot one.

Tuesday, August 2nd 1 mile WU, 5×1000 (w/400R), 1 mile CD; 4 Easy Miles @ 9:29 avg = 10.25 miles total

I doubled down Tuesday first with my speed workout. It was 86 degrees with 66% humidity at 5 in the morning. Basically disgusting. Anyway, the goal for each 1000 was a 7:30 pace.

  1. 7:50
  2. 7:31
  3. 7:31
  4. 7:31
  5. 7:27

The first one I did on my own. Then, some of my run buddies were behind me and I invited them to join me on my workout. Only one took the bait. As soon as I told him what my target pace was, he nodded, programming it in his head, and then made sure I hit it each time. This guy was seriously amazing. It was such a confidence booster to see that I was running over a half mile at that pace and feeling like I could do a full one (which I’ll have to later, lol!). I honestly think that I psych myself out. I see a pace and just think I can’t do it. Because as soon as I had someone next to me, it was like I was totally fine going for it. I need to learn to do that BY MYSELF.

Later in the evening, I ran another 4 miles with some friends. In the rain. It was awesome. A little too fast and I need to reel it in, but it was a fun run nonetheless.

Wednesday, August 3rd REST DAY

I don’t mention it, but I’m rolling and stretching each day. I’m not perfect with my MYRTLES but I get them in a few times a week and for sure on my rest days.

Thursday, August 4th– 1 mile WU, 6 miles Tempo, 1 mile CD

I did my warm up mile with my friends and since they had different workout plans, I did the rest of my miles on my own. Target pace for Tempo Run–8:45.


Friday, August 5th–7 Easy Hilly Miles, 9:41 avg

I’ve been venturing out for my Friday runs to get some hill work in. I want to be prepared for New York’s bridges, lol! Since it’s a hike to get to these hills, and I have to be back for my husband to get to work, I woke up at crazy o’clock to get ready for this run.

I actually woke up earlier than my alarm...ugh....zzzzz

I actually woke up earlier than my alarm…ugh….zzzzz

Anyway, it was a good run. We went a little faster than normal for hills but I was fine.

Saturday, August 6th–6 Easy Miles, 9:59 avg

I forget my husband’s also training for a marathon, lol! He took the first shift and did his long run which meant I would get the later, warmer start. It wasn’t too bad, 82 degrees, 66% humidity–and there were sprinklers.


Sunday, August 7th–12 Miles Long Run

My Moms Run This Town chapter meets at 5:30 a.m. and I did not want to be in the middle of 12 miles at 7 in the morning–I remembered yesterday’s run, lol!

So, I got up and did 4 by myself at 4:45 and then swung back to meet the group for my last 8. It’s not ideal; I don’t particularly like stopping and restarting, but I like my MRTT ladies and enjoy their running company. The target pace for Long Runs are 9:29 and I was happy I was able to stay close to it.


It was a 48.63 mile week. Another big one, another weekly mileage PR.

–How was your running week?

–How late is too late in the morning for you to run? 7 is too late for me. It gets ridiculously hot here.

–How early is too early for you to run? Clearly, I don’t mind seeing a 3 on the clock.






21 responses

  1. I don’t know how you do those crazy early wake up calls! I consider myself superwoman if I can get up at 5:30. I know it’s that or the heat, but still. I feel like if I lived in AZ I probably just wouldn’t run… #wimp

    • Ugh, I think you get used to it?? I don’t know lol!!! I just can’t do cold so there’s no way I could live any where where it snows or gets ridiculously cold. I’d rather deal with the heat jaja!

  2. Well done this week! That sure is early! But I guess we gotta do what we gotta do, right? You can have the early mornings, I’ll stick to finishing my late night runs an hour or two before you get up in the morning haha. At least until after summer anyway. Right now I start my runs after 10PM, but I much prefer 10AM.

  3. Okay, I’m the same as Susie, although I *did* wake up at 4-something to run 7 miles before we left for Mexico! Aren’t you SO TIRED though, for the rest of the day? Or are you one of those people that survive on little sleep? Nice job on your mileage PR! This is so exciting! I know what you mean about being intimidated by those fast paces. If I think too much about it, then I freak myself out. I just run one mile at a time, and eventually get through them.

  4. You are killing it with this training plan! I don’t know how you get up so early. I sometimes am up at 5 for a run, but honestly, usually I’d rather deal with the heat than get up absurdly early.

    • Part of it is the heat and the other part is that I have to get my runs in before the kids get up and my husband goes to work. It’s kind of the only time I can do it, lol! Unless I go to the gym but that’s a lot of miles to do on the ‘mill

  5. Another fabulous week! I’m not sure which I’m more in awe of – your 3:xx wake up time or the heat you run in. It’s been hot and humid here and it is sooooo brutal, but nowhere near as hot as AZ. Your training is going so well and I love seeing you hit all these awesome milestones!

    • I honestly think because there’s not much of a choice, it helps me get out of bed lol! My son hasn’t been doing well by himself at the gym daycare without his sister and it’s just to damn hot outside for running in the afternoons.