Good-bye Desert, Hello Big Apple!!!


Welp, it’s my last day here in the desert. My NYC training buddies and I went for an early run before we get on our flights to the big apple and boy, it was quite the send off. It was cold, windy, and rainy!! In Arizona!! We all laughed and said that the desert was just helping us acclimate jaja!!! Although, I really hope it’s not windy in NYC. I can do cold and rain; I can’t do wind.

Anyway, Week 18 , my final week of training looked like this. I’m gonna keep it short and sweet because yeah, these were short boring runs…I don’t mind if choose to scroll on 😉

Monday, October 31st– 4.4 Easy Miles @10:00 avg. pace

Easy miles as I knew it would be a busy Halloween day 😀


Tuesday, November 1st –Rest Day

It was an unexpected rest day but I wrapped up October with 184 total miles. I never hit the 200 mark this training cycle–Oh wells, maybe next time


Wednesday, November 2nd 3.1 Easy Miles @9:20 avg. pace

I ran a virtual 5k for Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). It was a short, peaceful run and I thought of my aunt ❤


Thursday, November 3rd 3 Easy Miles @9:43 avg. pace

Easy, very breezy miles…


I’ll do a shake-out run on Saturday before the race, but this is it. The last week of training. I seriously cannot believe the big day is so close. I totally feel like Katrina when she said that part of her taper crazies is saying she doesn’t want to do it anymore. That’s how I’ve felt, lol! I don’t wanna!!! But then I do because I know how hard I’ve worked for this day. I want to see how I run; I want to see what my training brings. I know ultimately that whatever happens, I’m already so proud of myself. I know that may sound narcissistic but it’s true. I’ve proven to myself that I can do hard things. This was the toughest training plan I’ve ever used and I made it all the way–now I just need to trust in it and trust myself.

I’ve shared my goals with you–I’ve been transparent with my times and paces. But honestly, my goal is to finish. I know what it’s like not to and let me tell you, it sucks. So my “A” goal is that: FINISH. My training goal was 3:50 and if I can get that (or really, a sub 4), I will be the happiest girl in the universe. My “C” goal is to PR (which right now is 4:44). I feel like I’m strong and capable of getting a PR so if I can pull that off, I will have thought of the race as a success.

If I don’t PR, I seriously might hang my running shoes. #dramaqueen

Welp, that’s about it on my end. I’ll be posting on my Instagram and Facebook so if you want instantaneous (or almost) updates, you can follow me on one or both. Thank you all so much for your support. Really, you all have no idea. Many times I’ve wondered if I should keep this blog; I’m no one special. I’m just a girl from Arizona who likes to run. But your comments, advice, encouragement has been huge in my development as a runner. I would not be where I’m at without you. Thank you ❤

–Motivational quotes: Do you have a fave?



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  1. you’re going to do great! weather has been so weird here- last night was pretty warm (as is today..) forecast still looks like it’ll be nice and chilly for sunday…and NO RAIN. it’s so hard not getting caught up in numbers, goal times, PR’s…and its frustratingly so often the first thing people ask after a race. And i get it- we do run for time goals, but the marathon distance is so much more than that, and such an experience. i am so excited for you to get love back from all the hard work you’ve done!

  2. Helly, I am so, so proud of you. I’ve said it time and again through your training, but you are such an inspirational runner. You freaking NAILED your training week after week after week. Look back over that and feel proud. That’s not narcissism; that’s realizing that you are strong and you have put in the work for something you want.
    I hope that you have fantastic race weather, but I will tell you you’re wrong – you can do windy weather too. Have you looked at some of the conditions you’ve run in? Crazy heat, crazy early, sleep deprived, on vacation, balancing other life priorities. You are badass. I love your goals for this race – my husband always says that the race is the victory lap of doing all the training. I hope you soak up and enjoy every cheer along the course for all that you’ve already accomplished.
    It’s not quite a motivational quote, but telling myself “you’re not dying, your uncomfortable, you can be uncomfortable” worked for me and would make me chuckle at myself 🙂

  3. “Trust your training.” That is my quote. The marathon is tough. Remember that some miles are great, some are crappy. But always know that every mile can be different. So when you start to question things, “Stay in the mile and stay in the moment.” You’ve got this. Have a wonderful time in NYC!