A Bad Case of the Winter Blues/Blahs…..Or Maybe I’m Tired

A few people have asked me about Phoenix Marathon training and what plan I’m using. Yeah…..about that….

I’m not using Hanson’s.

I’m actually not using anything.

Phoenix was my back up race in case I didn’t get my sub 4 in NYC and we all know that that was a success. So Phoenix became my “fun” marathon–no goals, no expectations. Up to this point, I’ve never gone into a marathon like that. Each marathon I’ve done has been to reach a goal/time.

I’m lucky in a way, that I got my sub 4 in NYC because holy moly am I struggling to run right now. Once I’m out there, I’m fine–my paces are good. But actually getting out there is a monumental struggle.

So what’s going on??

The Goal Has Been Met

Training for New York City found me waking up at crazy o’clock several times. I never faltered. The discipline was there. I think a reason why I can’t lace up now is because I don’t have that carrot. I don’t have that goal.


4:34 a.m. WHO WAS I????

I haven’t seen my 5 o’clock crew in a long time.

Go Away Winter

You all know I don’t do cold very well. I don’t like wearing layers. I don’t like not seeing the sun. I don’t like being cold. And while it hasn’t been the worst winter in Arizona by any means, the weather keeps me under the covers. The alarm goes off, but the bed always wins.

You know you guys wanna move here...

Summer: You know you guys wanna move here…

The Calm Before The Storm

The biggie after Phoenix Marathon, is Boston Qualifying. My first attempt will be at St. George this fall. I’m ready to go big in training for that, more so than NYC. The difficulty of the training excites me and since right now I’m not “having” to do that type of training, I’m essentially coasting. Maybe I should be doing some prep or pre-training (which I plan to closer to the start of BQ training), but right now I don’t see an urgent need.

I’m Tired

I ran a shitton training for NYC. More mileage than I’d ever done in my life. It’s not a surprise that my body is tired and not wanting to run as much as before. I’ve been trying to get in an adequate amount of mileage for Phoenix, but if you look at my weekly totals, they’re pretty abysmal. I figure I’m giving my body a little rest while still running some/enough to finish a marathon, lol!


So the goal for Phoenix is to finish. If my fitness from NYC can get me another sub 4, that would be awesome. That’s the pace I’ll be looking to run at and we’ll just see how it goes. All I really want is to finish the race happy as my last memory of Phoenix Marathon wasn’t.

And after Phoenix comes some legit rest. I plan on taking a few weeks off from running completely and then limiting my running before I began training to Boston Qualify.

So there you have it! A little Helly update 🙂

–Do you get the winter blues/blahs? Suz @Suzlyfe shared some really good pointers on beating the blahs today. Check it out!

–Are you excited for summer? 😀

–How do you motivate yourself to get out there when you don’t really wanna?

19 responses

  1. I’m kind of weird and don’t like running in the heat, but I’m much more motivated to get out there because it’s easier than when it’s freezing!! Last year I set some goals (mileage amount and # of races) and once I hit those in the early December, my motivation was gone. I learned I have to have specific goals to keep me going. Good luck at Phoenix! I will cheer loudly!

  2. What does one do after a goal race and totally kills it….takes time off lol. I totally get why you’re taking things easy for Phx. Get some casual running in now because BQ training will be here in no time.

    The cold has been getting me too. Alarm goes off and all I want to do is stay in the warm bed. Although plans to run with a buddy is good enough accountability to force myself out of bed lol.

  3. I’m kinda in the blahs right now, too. I feel like I have too many excuses… The kids keep getting sick so my schedule is out of wack and now my hip is having issues. This fall will come soon enough. It’s definitely the calm before the storm. 🙂

  4. I LOVE that pic of Homer! I feel so the same way right now. Honestly, I think it is the time of year. And once you hit your goal and have another race coming, it is normal to approach training like this. You don’t always have to push it like crazy. Just enjoy the running and do what feels right for you.

  5. Yep, I’m the same as you. I get my runs done but it’s just so much harder to get started when it’s winter. We’re having the worst winter we’ve had in years and so it’s been especially blah around here! I am looking forward to rain right now, just to help wash away all this snow and ice and *then* I’ll look forward to some sun, and then some summer!

  6. Just wanted to pop in here real quick to say I’m still reading! I LOVE this post and I’m so glad you are taking it easier and just casually training for Phoenix. You worked HARD for NYC and your goal was met. I can actually already relate to this post because I’m now in week 8 of training for my marathon with Hansons and I am legit EXHAUSTED – not in an unhealthy way but balancing life has been getting difficult. I was just telling my friends that I am still eager and motivated to go through with the next 10 weeks because I really really really wanna BQ but after that I need a nice loooooong break. And I know that already…8 weeks in 😂 I’m really hoping I don’t burnout soon haha! Anyways, enjoy the break because you don’t want to start the real serious BQ training too early and face that burnout as well 🙂 Go get it Helly!! Also, I really think you can still sub-4 again at Phoenix 😀

    • Aww, thank you Charissa!!
      I kinda wish you were blogging about your BQ journey but I understand. I’ll be relying on your expertise when I began as I feel like I’ll be going through similar emotions as you (I’m going back to work!).
      Love you!

  7. OMG this is basically the same thing that happened to me. After working so, so, so hard for CIM for 18 weeks and then smashing my 3.5 year old PR, I just cannot get motivated for the half I’m running in March. Just getting out the door for an easy 4 miles is such a struggle. But I have faith it will get better eventually!! (I may just have to accept that I’ll run a crappy half in the mean time.)

  8. My motivation to run is SO low right now, I almost don’t care about not getting in any miles! However, I am doing a tone of “other” activities so I’m okay with the lack of running. I have no sling races at the moment but feel I need to sign up for something.