Choosing A BQ Course (and beating FOMO)

When I went public announcing my attempt to BQ this year, I stated I’d be doing St. George Marathon in October.

But for a brief moment last week, I changed my mind.

After Phoenix Marathon, my good friend Bob messaged me congratulating me on my PR and telling me that he thought my chances to BQ were good and that I should consider a race that would qualify me for Boston 2018–the year he would be going.

I have A TON of friends going to Boston in 2018. My friend Marsha who qualified here two weeks ago is going.

My beautiful and speedy friend, Marsha ❤

Katrina is going, Carlee is going, my friend Kim is going, my friend Halley is going, I have no doubt Charissa will qualify next month–not to mention, a slew of friends here in Phoenix.

The FOMO is real, folks.

So when my friend, Bob, mentioned that I should consider Revel Big Cottonwood in September, I was intrigued. I was tempted.

The race was far enough away for me to get a good training cycle in. Revel races have good BQ rates. But most importantly, it would put me in Boston 2018. If I made it.

This just looks painful. (Source)

I was in. I thought about how much fun it would be to meet up with friends–friends whose BQ journey I’d followed. Now I could be in the race with them!

But as I waited to sign-up (my BQ training buddy Ashley was also in on this), I started to think about the negatives of changing courses. Up to this point, I had only thought of the plusses.

My husband had a huge PR at Phoenix too, finishing in 3:17–twelve minutes from his BQ time (he’d of course need a couple more minutes buffer).

I refuse to go to Boston without him.

If only one of us qualified in Big Cottonwood, the other one would be left having to do a race qualifying for the following year. We wouldn’t be doing Boston together.

When I thought about how much fun it would be to meet up with friends in Hopkinton, I realized it wouldn’t be as fun if it was without my husband, or watching from the sidelines.

Sticking with St. George means that we’d have several more chances to qualify if we didn’t make it there. I’m already signed up for CIM in December, and we’re both signed up for Phoenix in 2018. The back-ups (or fun runs, hoping it’s the latter lol) are set.

Putting all of our eggs in the one Big Cottonwood basket was just too risky.

So I didn’t sign up.

I’m proud I didn’t give in to FOMO and thought about what’s really important to me. My husband has been my number one supporter in my running journey and I know he’d say the same about me. Boston is going to get the both of us or none of us at all. ❤

Me and my fave

See you in St. George!

–When’s the last time you beat out FOMO (fear of missing out)?

–When’s the last time you succumbed to FOMO?


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  1. I’m so proud of you!! I think I succombed to FOMO last year when I decided to start training for my BQ at Via Marathon in September. I really wanted to get in to Boston as soon as I could and that race would come just before the 2017 registration deadline. Looking back, I think it was just a little too soon (and training was in the worst heat/humidity of summer!) and it left me injured for 5-6 weeks with a long recovery road to get back on track after that. Sometimes it really is better to stick to your original plan and just be patient. The reward will come and it will definitely be much sweeter when both you and your husband qualify together 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for your confidence in me!! You’re so sweet. It’s so hard not to doubt my ability even though I’m putting the work in week after week and it seems to be going well. Big goals are tough!!

  2. I think you made a great choice! FOMO is real, but the stress could take away the enjoyment of the journey. I think you and your husband will be able to enjoy training more, with the fall back options. So many things can go wrong in training and on race day. I haven’t decided on my fall racing schedule yet, but St George and CIM are on the top of my interest list, along with Chicago Marathon and Houston.

    • I totally agree. I think we’d have too much pressure if we did Big Cottonwood which would take away the fun of training (which I actually do enjoy, lol!) Hope I can see you at St. George or CIM!!!

  3. Gah! Now I’m wondering if I should switch my BQ race?!! This looks like an AWESOME choice…..hmmmm…..

  4. You’re amazing, I loved seeing your huge PR at Phoenix. My family all ran but I’m out for a minute, but it was so fun to cheer!! You should consider Revel Mt. Charleston 2018. You’d BQ and then some! I’ve never run Big Cottonwood, but I run SLC each year and coming from AZ I definitely notice the higher elevation. But I think you can definitely BQ without downhill! I plan to try for fall of 2018 because by then it will qualify me for Boston 2020 and by 2020 I will be in the age bracket for a 3:40 which sounds less daunting. 😛

  5. I think that’s awesome…and really hope you both get to BQ in the same year. I think you made the right decision even though it was tempting to try Revel. BQ times are so hard…I’ve never even considered it but just recently I’ve started to think I should never say never. And, to your point, you have a great BQ race in your backyard in Phoenix. I’ve heard good things about CIM too…and I’m sure this will be a Hanson’s cycle, look forward to following along!!

  6. Totally get this and I think you made the best decision for you. I wish you and hubby SO much luck! I have no doubt you will get a BQ given all your awesome races and training. My boyfriend BQed for 2018 and I just decided I will try my hardest at the Eugene Marathon in 2 months. Never would I thought I would try to BQ in my life but things are looking good! My original BQ goal is Philly in the fall when I age up to 3:45 which I know I’d doable but that would be for 2019. But I want to experience my boyfriend’s first Boston together! Can’t wait to follow your progress! And let us know how th hubby is doing!

  7. Regardless of which one you chose, I think you are ready for a BQ. I love that you took the time to really think about what was best for you and your family. That is honestly what it is all about.