Week 2-St. George Marathon Training

How am I already two weeks in? I feel like this particular training is going to fly by–as it seems like these miles I’m running are, lol!

Monday, June 12th–6 miles; 2 miles WU, 3×1 mile @7:40 (w/1:30R), 1 mile CD

I was a little worried about these as I haven’t been running all that fast in a while and it was the day after we’d just gotten back from Mexico. I know I can hit those paces, but the little negative Nancy in my brain likes to start yapping every once in a while.

But luckily, once I got going, it all came back to me and I was fine.


My coach is really strict on having these be close to goal (and not faster) so when I saw the first mile split, I intentionally slowed down–and kept looking at my watch–to make sure I was closer to where I was supposed to be.

Tuesday, June 13th–4 Easy Miles, 9:10 avg.

This is technically supposed to be a cross training day, but my brother (who just moved back to Arizona!) wanted to run in the morning so we both met up with my run club and I ran some easy miles. I’d much rather do that than bike, lol!

That evening, I got my butt on the floor and did some core strength and glute exercises.

Wednesday, June 14th–12 Miles Indoor Bike

I did more swapping as today was supposed to be speed work day, but I got on the bike instead and moved the fast stuff to tomorrow. This is what happens when my coach goes on vacation. Even though I know she’s going to see everything I do anyway, I still think it’s easy to switch stuff around since she’s not here, LOL.

Thursday, June 15th–5 Miles Speed work; 1 Mile WU, 2×800(w/2:00R), 1,000m(w/2:15R), 1200m (w/2:30R) all at 7:00 pace, 1 Mile CD

Anyone else write their workout on their hand?

I enlisted the help of my husband for this workout that terrified me. There was a lot of some yelling involved, but I did it!! I was on a super high the rest of the day 😀

2×800–> 6:55, 6:54


Friday, June 16th–Rest Day

This was unintentional. I planned on “sleeping in” and getting my easy four miles in around 6 a.m. (which is sleeping in for me) but alas, I really did sleep in and woke up past 7. I could’ve still squeezed in the miles, even though by that time here it’s hot, but I opted for coffee and a bagel instead.

Saturday, June 17th–13 miles with last 3, fast 3, 8:32 avg.; 12 miles spin

Plus, I knew today would be a long day so the resting Friday helped, lol! I met up with some of my Believe Train Become teammates and we nailed our long run 😀

Fast Finish!


A few hours later, I went to my first CycleBar class to support a blogging buddy on his new job adventure. I got in a sweaty, intense 12 miles on the bike–I’ll have a full report on this fun experience later.

Sunday, June 18th–Rest Day

I thought about “making up” those lost 4 miles, but nope! We had a fun Father’s Day celebrating my husband instead ❤


28 Running Miles, 24 Biking Miles

All in all, it was a great training week. I finally feel like I’m hitting a groove and getting into the “all-in” marathon training mentality. I know that it’s still the beginning, and we’re still in the honeymoon stage, but I’m happy that I’m feeling happy about training right now 😀

–Do you get scared of paces you’ve done before and know you can do?

–Does running with faster people help you? Or would you rather tackle fast runs on your own?



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  1. Great job…looking forward to following your training and journey – I don’t envy training in that heat! Even though we lived in AZ for several years that was before my running and cycling days!!

      • like at 2 am early when it’s only 95 🙂 i understand though but stay safe in that crazy heat…it might almost be 90 here over the weekend – we’ll all melt!!

  2. Oh! This is awesome! You’re doing great! Those 800s…OUCH. Nicely done. Yes–I totally freak out when I go into a speed work session. I would text Allison (Inverted Sneakers) before, during and after each one for support, and I swear that she got me through it. I couldn’t have done it without her.