The Little 20 Miler That Could…

You guys (and girls), I had the freaking best 20 miler of my life this past Saturday! Do you remember my shitty attempt at a long run from the week before? No? I don’t either because this 20 miler trumps it from my memory bank!

I had plans to meet my St. George Marathon training buddy Ashley at 4 a.m. to start this 20 miler of ours. I set my alarm for 3:15 and I did actually wake up at 3:15 –ONLY TO TURN IT RIGHT BACK OFF!!

At 3:50 I woke up in panic realizing that I’d overslept. I didn’t even have enough time to brush my teeth so off I went with gorilla breath making it to our meeting spot at 4:05. Luckily, like the true training buddy she is, Ashley was there waiting for me.

We paced ourselves perfectly. Our fueling game was on point.

And the only thing negative about this run were the last 5 miles. 😀


Seriously. When we were at the 13 mile mark, we said that we’d try to pick it up for maybe miles 19 and 20. But we found ourselves picking up speed at mile 15 and we just rolled with it.

It was amazing.

I’m not sure I can BQ at St. George. I’m not sure I can PR at St. George. But this run gives the confidence boost I needed to give both a shot.

Trust the process
I can do all things

Viva la taper!

–Do 20 milers (or long runs) scare you? I hadn’t done a 20 miler in over a year! (Remember, I’m a Hanson’s gal.) And I wasn’t so much scared about this run more than just scared about long running in general. Since the last few have been horrible.

–Are you an alarm runner or do you wake up naturally?



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  1. This is so amazing! This has got to really give you some confidence in your training and everything you’ve done–especially being able to push it hard like that at the end. Enjoy your taper and good luck in the race!! x

    • LOL!! My Ben is a not human. He wakes up with no problems in the middle of the night (what it feels like for me) and runs. I need the alarm. Sometimes my internal alarm will wake me up, but I need the security of the back up, lol!

  2. Oh my gosh YES girl YES! What a confidence booster! I still think you are incredible with every early wakeup and run you share. I got cranky waking up at 6am on a Saturday for a few of my long runs to beat the heat. I have 2 more 20 milers on tap (I think) before Philly. Would LOVE to have a super awesome one like yours.

  3. Great job on your twenty! I hope the rest of your runs go well and your race goes well. I know you’ve felt the pressures with life on this one, but you deserve a good race. This is a promising run.