Some St. George Extra and What I’m Doing Now

I mentioned in a previous post about St. George how I was excited about the race because of friends running it.

My friend Jenna, who also used the same coach as me, was running to Boston Qualify, and I had no doubts she would do it. Guess what? SHE KILLED IT. She needed a 3:35 like me and ended up with a 3 FREAKING 20!!! Yeah, demolished her goal!!!

My other friend Kimi was running her third marathon in 6 months (crazy girl) and also pulled out a BQ. We’re not sure if it’ll be enough cushion but that girl is serious amazeballs.

Ashley, my training buddy/partner-in-BQ-crime, came away with a 4 minute PR at 3:43!!! I *know* she’s got a BQ in her and with the right course (maybe CIM in December?) she’ll get her Boston ticket.

In my race recap, I recounted how we’d driven the course and seen that while it was net downhill, it was a lot of rolling up and down hill. I knew I was not prepared for that (or prepared to BQ or PR), but even Ashley who had done some hill training wasn’t feeling confident after the preview.

St. George Marathon is an absolutely beautiful course. The views the entire way are breathtaking. The volunteers and overall organization of the race are seriously topnotch. Like, for real. At each station, there were people who who would rub cream on your legs to help with cramping, they were people who had vaseline if you were chafing, there were people there to help you with mostly anything. I had never seen anything like it!

But as a Boston Qualifying course, I’m not so sure I’d recommend it. If you like hills, have hills around you to train, then this is def a good course to shoot for that goal. If you’re in the flatlands, it might be tough.

I’d have to stick with my Phoenix Marathon course. It’s also net downhill (that’s really more flat than downhill after the initial descent) and while boring and lacking in views (after the initial descent), I honestly think it’s a good PR course. (and of course, shameless plug: Use Helly10 for $10 off the half or full!)

Downhill but way less so than St. George.

So that’s where I’ll make my next attempt. I’ll have home court advantage, so I have that going for me. And if I’m honest, I need all the help I can get.

Right now I’m laying low, easing myself back into running after a much needed rest. I’m skipping CIM in December and instead getting a full cycle for Phoenix. Training for Phoenix officially begins the 24th, and I’ll be going in ready to give it all I have. I’d love to use my coach again, but with budgeting for the holidays, I’ll be re-using some of her workouts in addition to Hanson’s to go at it solo. I’m excited, and I feel really good about where I’m at right now with running. Even though I had a rough go at it with St. George, coming away with a PR match has given me a newfound confidence with this next attempt.

Let’s do this, blogging fam!! ❤

–What is your next running/fitness goal?


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11 responses

  1. I have NO doubt you will BQ. No doubt. With a coach, without a coach. You most definitely have it in you. And I can NOT wait to watch!!! I am shopping around for a BQ course to. So we can run it together in 2019, Baby!! xoxoxo

    • Honestly, I don’t think I have enough info to make a fair comparison. I followed 2 months of my coach’s training before I threw in the towel. Up to that point though, I was feeling so strong and running paces I’d never thought I would. This is why I would LOVE to work with her again to see what a full cycle would be like under her. I’m still seriously considering it for Phoenix.

  2. Can’t wait to follow your next training cycle and see you BQ!

    I’m 2 weeks into marathon training. Originally I thought I’d be chasing a BQ on January 7th, but I don’t think I am quite there. Likely will end up aiming for ~3:45, which will be a pretty big PR.

    • What is your current PR? I sometimes wonder if I’m trying to bite off more than I can chew. My current PR is a 3:44 and I’m training for a 3:30…It’s so hard to gauge what to train for. My previous PR was 3:58 so I had a 14 minute improvement but I know it gets tougher the faster the paces get. Ugh…

      • I’m like one or two steps behind you. Current PR is 3:59, from my first and only marathon in 2015. I believe I have the speed for a BQ, but my endurance drops off pretty quickly as distance increases. I think/hope my endurance has been improving over the past 2 years, but I also think I need my half PR to drop before I realistically go after 3:30.

        IIRC our half times are similar and a 1:42 half equates to around 3:35 full. 3:30 might be just slightly out of reach for you right now. I think you have a decent chance at a BQ, but possibly not enough cushion to get in to Boston.

        Sorry to be such a downer. I just got done setting my goals and training paces for myself and had to pause my Boston goals in favor of staying realistic. If your half PR is outdated or if you have better endurance/speed ratio than I do then you might be ready to go for it! Especially since you have several marathons under your belt already, whereas I only have one. Don’t let my pessimism hold you back 🙂

      • Lol, no worries! I know I have a BQ in me, and I know I have a faster half than a 1:42. I just need to get a good training cycle in and commit in other areas.

        My friend Jenna had a 3:39 marathon time (so 5 minutes better than my 3:44) and we both were training for a 3:30. She had an amazing training cycle and threw down a 3:20 at St. George. Every runner is different of course, but like her, I’m confident if I put in the work I can get the 3:30/BQ. I think my 6 marathons help with my mental game as well. We shall see! 🙂