Thank you Mesa-Phx Marathon, I’M GOING TO BOSTON!!!

The instant I woke up on Saturday, I knew it was going to be a good day. I didn’t know if BQ good, but I knew it would be good.

I had set my alarm for 2:30 a.m. (yes, this race requires an EARLY wake up), but my body naturally woke up at 2:15 a.m.–ready to go. I remember thinking, “Nice. My body knows what to do. It’s ready.”

My buddies Scott and Marsha, and my long-time friend Nadia (also trying to BQ) rode with me and my husband to the start line. I forced them to endure my pre-race song–Delta Goodrem, Believe Again–on repeat. We found parking and got to the busses without trouble. Parking can be an issue for this race but since we had arrived early, we had zero problems.

I had prepared for a cold wait for the start, wearing layers upon layers, so I was comfortable despite the 30 something degree temps. I felt good, I felt relaxed.

Me and my ❤

We (me, my training buddy Ashley, and our unofficial/official pacer Tomio) somehow ended up starting a couple of minutes after the official start so the first mile was spent navigating through crowds. We were behind the 4:55 pace group and passed a few other pace groups as we tried to find an opening to settle into our pace.

Mile 1- 8:15

I wasn’t worried about being “off” pace. The first mile is super downhill so I was okay with having kept that above goal pace (which was really anything under 8:00). I was shooting for a sub 3:30, ambitious considering my previous PR was 3:44–but go big, or go home, right?

The big hill began just after mile 4 and that was where I was really nervous. I didn’t want to expend energy trying to speed up it, but I didn’t want to slow down too much and ruin my pacing. I just tried sticking as close as I could to Ashley. I also knew our good friend Bob would be at the top, so I just kept chanting, “Get to Bob. Get to Bob.” The top of the hill was practically his front yard so his sign was fitting.


Hill miles

I knew the hardest part was over, and that from there, it was all about settling in to race pace and holding on.

Steady was the name of the game

I came into the half at 1:45 feeling really good. I was wearing a pace band and had my watch set for individual mile splits. One mile at a time, I kept telling myself. I knew at this point of the course, the downhill was over and it was flat, flat, flat the rest of the way.

It was just after the half-way point that I saw a familiar face–my brother!! It completely caught me off guard as I hadn’t expected him to come cheer. He works night shifts (5 p.m. to 5 a.m.) and had told him I would understand if he wanted to forgo spectating for sleep.

But there he was, and I found myself getting so emotional. I reminded myself that crying doesn’t allow for good breathing so I just mouthed a silent, “I love you!” and kept on.

I thought a lot about my family during those miles. I thought a lot about the sacrifices they’ve made for me, my husband–who was also on the course that morning and finished with a 3:13!–and how supportive he is with my running.

And I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling.

I saw my brother again at mile 18 and he asked how I was. I yelled, “I’m doing it!” as I ran and I heard him say he’d see me at the finish line.

Around mile 19, Ashley fell back. I kept pace for a couple more miles, plugged myself in at mile 21 and then started to hurt at mile 22.

The farthest I’ve gone in a marathon before falling apart –I’m getting better at this, lol!

It was sudden, but it was deep. The pain from cramping jolted me but I refused to give in to them and walk. Instead, I gritted my teeth and fought, fought hard.

At this point, I stopped looking at my watch and just ran. I didn’t want to see a pace that discouraged me so I ran what I could. At the time, it felt like I had slowed considerably. I was in so much pain.

The “slow” miles…I can’t believe it.

At mile 23ish, my friend Elle (@afastpacedlife) was waiting for me and while I wanted to say something, anything–I couldn’t. I was in so much pain. Her and my friend Andrew (who had replaced my pacer Tomio–he had gone back for Ashley) ran with me, saying words of encouragement.

My coach found me just after mile 25 in pretty rough shape. I hated her seeing me like that and I tried fixing my form and picking up my pace. She reminded me to lean in, pick up my feet, and BREATHE. “Every second counts!” she yelled at me.

But I was fading fast in that last mile, and as I turned the final corner, I saw my friends and my coach’s team yelling at me to GO!! I could see them, but I couldn’t hear them.

The final stretch to the finish line was time standing still. I was moving, but I wasn’t. I could see, but I couldn’t.

I knew I needed to finish soon. Things were getting ugly.

That was a Must. Finish. last mile

Throughout training, I envisioned crossing the finish line so many times. On so many tough runs, I pictured myself arms raised triumphantly, BQ time glaring on the clock screen. I pictured myself smiling, crying tears of joy, hugging whoever was near me.

Yeah, things didn’t turn out that way, lol!

I was in so much pain, so much pain that I honestly couldn’t even feel the pain anymore. I was on auto-pilot, system failing, Houston-we-have-a-problem mode. At that point, I had no idea what my time was, I had stopped looking at my watch a couple miles back. Instinctively though, as soon as I crossed, I stopped my Garmin and finally looked down.

And that’s when the tears began to flow. SUB 3:30!!! I had done it.

I waited at the finisher’s chute to see if Ashley had gotten her BQ–we had trained so hard, so long together I wanted both of us to make it. And she did!!! 3:34–six minute cushion for her, too! My friend Nadia found us having finished ahead and with an amazing BQ time of 3:26!!

But there was really only one person I wanted to see at that point. The one person who truly knew how much this moment meant.

I honestly couldn’t ask for a better partner in life. ❤

My rock. My everything. He’d been with me the whole way. When I was feeling strong, I thought of him. When I was feeling pain, I thought of him. Seeing the time on my watch filled me with so much joy, but there was nothing like telling him that I’d done it.


I’m going to Boston .


Thank you all so much for your support, words of encouragement, BELIEF in me. When I first started this blog, qualifying for Boston was a distant dream. Friends, dreams do come true!!! They really do!!! Whatever they may be…




P.S. Random, but a big deal to me, lol!! I was SO looking forward to accepting my new PR on Athlinks.


If you have an Athlinks account, find and friend me!! If you don’t, create a profile here and you’ll have a sweet place to record your race times, find friends, and find races! (ICYMI, I am an ambassador for Athlinks and as always, only ever promote companies I actively use and love. Pretty easy to love honestly, lol!)

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47 responses

  1. WAHOOOO!!!!!! So happy that I could be there too!!!!

    LOL, I wish I could take the credit of being at Mile 23, but I met you at Mile 25 right before your coach showed up. I’m sure the last mile felt like 3+ miles.


  2. I’m so freaking proud of you!! What an honor to see you cross that finish line after watching all your hard work these last several months. And i’m also so pleased that Bob’s bathrobe made it to the blog😂😂😂

  3. GIRLLLLL, I was totally tracking you on Saturday and cheering you on from Boston! I AM SO STINKING PROUD OF YOU!!!! Absolutely incredible. I have followed your training and knew you would crush it, but you REAALLLYYYYY crushed it! You and Halley were so inspiring and I thought of you the following day when I was trudging in torrential downpours and 20mph winds… I got a 7 minute PR and a BQ, but only a 1 minute 5 second cushion which won’t get me into Boston 😦 😦 😦 But given the day, I will take it – and am looking to try again VERY soon for hopefully a 5 minute cushion as well. Congrats again Helly!!!!!

    • Yaasss!!!! A PR and BQ is amazing especially in what sounds like SUPER tough conditions!!! (I was very lucky in Phoenix–we had *perfect* weather.) This confidence booster is just what you need for your next race where things will fall into place and YOU WILL CRUSH IT too!!! ❤ Please, please, please keep me posted!!!

  4. Great job! You were awesome down the stretch. My goal was just to give you a target to look at. You powered through mile 26 like nobody’s business. I am so happy for you, you are going to have a great time in Boston, it is magical!

  5. I’m so happy for you!! You deserve it!! I have followed your training for awhile, even back when we were running similar paces and I got pregnant and slowed drastically and you got even faster! It is even a bit triumphant for me to see you do it because it makes me believe I can too if I put in the hard work next year. Great job Helly!!

    • Thank you so much, Christy..really. Sometimes I wonder about keeping this blog but then I remind myself to keep at it because I want people to know they can do hard things too. I’m not a natural runner and it’s been a long journey, but dreams really do come true!

  6. It’s an amazing thing to get to follow along and see someone work so hard for something and then get it. It reminds me to believe in good things and also to believe in hard work and grit. Big Congrats to you, enjoy your success!

  7. Crying! This is so awesome. We knew you could do it and are so glad we got to share in this weekend with you and Ben. You are so tough (well, except when getting tatted, lol)! We love you!

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  10. I found your blog looking up something about Hansen’s Marathon Method. Did you use it for this training too? I really want a BQ, but I had a baby last year, so I’m getting back to it and not sure I’m going to get all the speed back! Anyway, I was curious. CONGRATS!

    • Hi!! I did not use Hanson’s for my BQ, *but* I do credit it for my improvement in my running. I used Hanson’s for my first sub 4 hour marathon for NYC Marathon (you can do a search on my blog) and it took me from 4:44 to 3:58 😀 From that training cycle, I continued to improve– 3:58 to 3:44 to 3:29. For my BQ, I hired a local coach. Good luck to you! Feel free to message with any question 🙂

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