One Year BQversary

Hi everyone!! I’m still here!!

What brought me out of the blogging shadows?? Last weekend was my favorite Mesa-Phoenix Marathon!!! Happy One Year BQversary to me!!!!!!!

BQ pain cave, woot woot!!!

Sub 3:30!!! #goals #done


2019 stats

Gah!!! I love that race.

This year though, it was a half party for me as I opted to go 13.1 in preparation for Boston.

In freaking preparation for BOSTON!!!

I seriously still can’t believe I’m going.

Surprisingly though, training for Boston has not been the sunshine and rainbows I anticipated. Like the elevation chart the race poses, it has been a lot of up and downs with an overall net of down.

I’m not sure if training to BQ at Phoenix last year took everything I had, the excitement of my new job taking precedence over running, or a combination of the two plus being a mom, wife, friend–the truth is, I’m exhausted.

So I’m excited about Boston. I’m pumped about Boston. But any “goals” I might’ve had have gone out the window. And I know, I know, Boston is THE race to fun run, but the Type A competitive person in me doesn’t like training (especially for a marathon) without some type of end goal. Usually, I refuse to let it go.

Hoooweeeever…..I know I’m at a different stage of my running life now because frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn about end goals right now.

I won’t be looking back at training for my first Boston fondly, like I do looking back at my qualifying race, but I have a feeling that going in to the Boston Marathon with no pressure of a time is going to make for a super fun race–one that I’m sure I’ll look back on with as much joy as Phoenix.

You know who else is going to remember Phoenix Marathon for all its awesomeness? Elle at Afastpacedlife!!! Homegirl threw it down last weekend and you gotta go read all about it on her blog. There’s no way I can re-write her story ❤

I’ll try not to be a stranger!! So much to catch up on…



P.S Kim K, you rock girl. That is all.

A San Franciscan Weekend

I mentioned in my previous blog post that every year for our anniversary my husband and I do something fun. This year we decided to spend our anniversary weekend in San Francisco. Both of us had never been and it was a city on our list of places we wanted to visit.

We knew for sure that a run along the bay was a must. We weren’t sure of routes or where to go, but as soon as we arrived at our hotel, I asked the receptionist if she recommended an area to run—a 3-5 mile route. She immediately went to work mapping something for us and within seconds had a 4 mile route printed. Needless to say, it was a great first impression of the hotel.

The next morning we were out the door at 6 a.m.—still dark in the city. Map in hand, we started following the directions. It wasn’t long before we saw the bay in front of us. As we reached the bay trail, we decided to stop and take in the beauty of the view.

1380426_10102978853181241_1244976084_n 20131019_071637

The rest of the day was saved for walking to all of the touristy areas. And when I say walking, I mean walking.

We couldn’t have chosen a prettier day to tour the city. We were able to see all the places we wanted: Union Square, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Crooked Street, and Coif Tower.

Our first stop was crowded with people. I realized once I booked the tickets for this trip that it was the same weekend as the Nike Women’s Series Marathon and ½ Marathon. My college buddy and her mom were on board to run the ½. Being around so many women getting ready for such an amazing race was exhilarating. As I looked around, I so wished I was running with them.

We hiked our way through the rest of our destinations taking pictures at each stop. By the time we were done, all I was thinking about was our hotel’s free happy hour. I was exhausted.

20131019_131009_resized_1 20131019_134843-1_resized 20131019_143749_resized

The next morning, Sunday, was our last day in San Francisco. We had this day reserved for the Painted Ladies—the famous Victorian houses and where one is shown in the intro to the sitcom Full House and of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. We had had plans to run across the bridge, but the logistics of time and distance to and from were not in our favor. We drove across the bridge though, parked, and walked about halfway and back. The bridge is truly a sight to see. Its vastness and beauty is indescribable.

20131020_124057 20131020_113510_resized

As I had mentioned in previous blog posts, being a SAHM is hard work. Being able to enjoy a relaxing weekend with my husband was exactly what I needed. It was absolutely perfect.