Marathon Training Week 8 Recap

It’s getting better.

I was feeling pretty low after last week and while I still didn’t get/meet the mileage on my plan for Week 8, I’m a lot better about it. We’re just going to have some of those weeks where life is busy and it’s that much tougher to squeeze in runs.

My husband was out of town Tuesday and Wednesday last week and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get in my speed work on Wednesday but I did! I wrote about how well it went here 🙂

I didn’t get in a run Thursday or Friday but forced myself up on Saturday for my long run. I had 14 on the schedule and decided I’d just gauge it and see how I felt.

Early into it I decided 12 would be the magic number.

The first 6 miles were going great. I was averaging just under 10:00/mile which is where I wanted to be. At the end of the 6th mile, I passed a stenchy section of the canal where I run and my stomach begin doing somersaults.

I needed a bathroom. Fast.

Of course there wasn’t one in sight.

(TMI ahead!!!)

Around mile 7, I couldn’t hold it in. I found a nice bush and my running buddy kept watch. Luckily, she also had necessary bathroom supplies (which I now will always remember to pack in my water pack).

I couldn’t really recover after that. I finished the 12 with a 10:30/mile average which I still felt was pretty good considering.


On Sunday, a run was calling. I looked outside and the weather didn’t seem like it was going to cooperate. Haboob!

So I took it inside for a nice 4 miler.


Overall mileage for last week (Mon-Sun): 19

How has your running been going?

Ever had to “go” during a run?