Alright, Let’s Get This BQ Training Party Started!!!

Saturday, April 1st began my first workout with my coach! I’ll talk more about my coach and why I decided to go that route in another post, but for now, the BQ train has begun its 6 month voyage to ST. GEORGE MARATHON!!!

I laced up my special edition Boston Marathon Newton Fates and joined a friend for an early 8 miler on Saturday. I’d had these shoes in my closet for over year–telling myself then that I’d only bring them out when I decided to train for a Boston Qualifier. A year ago, I *never* thought I’d attempt it. I seriously can’t believe that I’m signed up to actually try for it!

Eye on the Prize


I hope you join me on this crazy, new journey!! I’ll be documenting my workouts and commitment to healthier eating (OMG) here and hope that having this blog/outlet helps with accountability.