Celebrate The Good Runs


Oh man, I had the awesomest run on Tuesday. It deserves its own post/celebration.

Okay, so I knew I wanted to do this one a little on the faster side. I have my Tri on Saturday and knew I could get in one good hard run before I’d have to take it easy leading up to the big day.

But I had no idea it’d be as fast as it was.

Perspective: My 5k PR is 23:55 and that is a 7:48 pace.

My run on Tuesday was a 5 miler at 7:50! FIVE MILER. SEVEN FIFTY. 12593841_1057580380972929_2390620470432119396_o I can’t explain it. I just started running with my friend Jackie–she’s a fast runner in our Tuesday group and I knew that going in. I knew she’d pace me for a fast run, what I wanted that day.

It was a windy evening and we chatted about that a little and then chatted the entire first mile. It was a fast mile and when I saw my watch beep 8:02, I worried I’d have a super positive split run. I really didn’t want that.

We continued chatting and then mile 2 beeped, faster than mile 1–7:54. We reached the 2.5 miler mark (where we turn around) and as soon as we started going the other direction, we felt the wind head on.

“No wonder I was flying!” I said to Jackie, laughing. I had had the wind behind me.

But I was determined to not let that be the reason why I was running so well, so I pushed on against the wind.

Mile 3–7:41

We were no longer chatting as we both knew this was a strong pace run we were doing and the wind was deterring any conversation.

Mile 4–7:50

At the one mile left mark, I knew I just had to bring it home and this would be the fastest I’d ever ran for that long of a distance.

Mile 5–7:44

I kept my composure in front of my run club but when I got home, you better believe there was some happy dancing happening in my kitchen.


It was exactly as awkward as this ^

I honestly don’t know. I’m in shock. I’d like to think that I always had it in me to run fast but I’d be lying. I never thought I’d be able to run the way I did on Tuesday. It has me cautiously hopeful I can PR on my next 5k in May. I’d be in heaven if I could sub 23–which I can’t believe I’m even saying.

But really, I just want to nail a marathon. I want to run one they way I’ve run the past couple of races. I know I have a good marathon in me; I just need to execute. A 5k PR would be awesome, but long term goal, marathon PR 🙂

–How do you celebrate good runs? Do you happy dance? Eat? Drink? or D, all of the above?