3 Reasons Why I Hate The Heat

the Miami Heat that is.

I don’t really hate the heat. I live in the heat. I’m used the heat. But when that H goes capital, it’s a whole nuther story.

You guys know I’m a big basketball fan. I’ve been watching and playing for as long as I can remember. Really. I think I was running and bouncing a basketball from the womb. It was awesome having my brother love basketball as much as I did when we were young. He’d always be down for playing one-on-one or just shoot free throws all day. He’s lost interest as he got older, but I think my interest only intensified.

I was excited to find out my blogger buddy Piratebobcat was a Heat hater too so we decide to team up and write a blog post on why Miami makes our blood boil. Check out his page for more Miami Hate.

Here are my three reasons (you’re welcome I spared you a top ten 🙂 )

1. They’re really not as good as they think they are. If you don’t follow the NBA, there are two conferences that separate teams–the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. The Miami Heat are in the Eastern Conference. The East is known to have teams waaaay subpar compared to teams in the West. This particular season is a great example. The #1 team in the East finished with a 56-20 record while the #1 team in the West finished with a 62-20 record. The #3 team in the West finished with a record very close to that of the first in the East. The third place team! Where were the Heat in the standings? Second in the East with a 54-28 record–They would have tied for FOURTH place in the Western Conference.

So while they boast a winning record and a second place finish in their conference, their competition to get to the top isn’t very challenging. Do I think they can get second or first place in the Western Conference? No. Not at all.

My Phoenix Suns who finished 9th in the West, one away from making the playoffs, would have finished in a 3 way tie for third place in the East.

And to those who argue, “Well, they’ll play the best team in the West in the Finals. So if they beat them, then they really are the best.” To that I say, the Heat didn’t have to go through as tough of a playoffs as the teams in the West.

2. Too many I’s in TEAM. I get it. The NBA is a business and people are there to make money but there’s something about the concept of a “team” that I always felt lacked with Miami–even pre-Lebron James. When you see them play, there’s always a disconnection, like not everyone is on the same page. And when they win, you never feel like it’s a collective effort. Or even a collective celebration.

Part of what I love about basketball is how close the players are and when they win, to know that they did it together. When Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder won the MVP this year, one of the things that I loved about his speech was how much he thanked his teammates. He went through every single one and thanked them. It was amazing.

You could make a drinking game out of how many times you hear “I” come out of a Miami Heat player during a press conference.

(I should really try this^)

3. The Decision heard ’round the world. I saw the broadcast of LeBron James’ decision back in 2010 and I hated everything about it. I had been a fan of his up until then–my family lives in Ohio how could I not. I was excited for this new guy to shake things up in the NBA and liked how much fun he had playing with Cleveland. But I didn’t expect this.

Who holds an hour long show to announce what team you’re going to?? Not only that, the way he announced it (after endless commentary filler) was the most self-centered display by an athlete I’d ever seen.

“I’m taking my talents to South Beach.”

Who. Says. That?

I remember watching this with my husband uttering those exact words.

Had he decided to go to Miami without the spotlight performance of The Decision, I might not have cared as much. But it was this show, and the Welcome to Miami party that followed it, that made me so angry. His arrogance of knowing people cared about where he went enough to do something like that completely turned me off and I’ve never been a fan of his since.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.46.18 PM


It’s difficult for me to stop at three but I don’t want to make this post any longer than it needs to be–especially since it’s non running related lol! Thanks for letting me vent. The Finals is now 2-1 in favor of the Spurs and the next couple of games will definitely be good ones to watch! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

–Are you a Miami fan?

–Do you watch basketball?

–What other sports do you enjoy besides running?

Game Time

Today is a big day. The NBA season begins.

My other love besides running is basketball and people who know me know that I’ve got this date marked on my calendar and that I schedule things in my life so they don’t conflict with games of utmost importance. In fact, my husband (who is also basketball obsessed) and I chose our wedding date so that it was before the season started and we chose the 23rd in honor of our favorite, Michael Jordan.

We look forward to Christmas day not only because of presents, food, and family but because of the big triple-header that’s always televised.

We think summer officially begins in June after a champion is crowned.

Tonight’s game is a big deal. It’s the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls. I detest LeBron James and will seriously go in to depression if he wins a third championship. What makes this match up such a big deal is that Chicago’s Derrick Rose is back. Derrick Rose sat out last year due to injuries and many speculate he’ll never regain his MVP status that rivaled LeBron’s.

This game is also important because I have a cousin who is a Miami Heat fanatic. I’m not kidding. The first time the Heat won it all he got a Heat tattoo. As in permanent tattoo. He’s gone to LeBron’s Vegas celebrations twice. He constantly updates his facebook status with something about Miami, the Heat, LeBron, or haters.

The Heat losing this game, albeit it being the first game, will allow me to plant a seed in his brain that this bad start is an omen of what the future holds for the team. They’re done. They can’t handle the pressure that is a three-peat. They’re too old. They won’t last 82 games.

He’ll tell me it’s only the first game but I won’t care. For a basketball fanatic, it’ll be a perfect way to start the season.