Marathon Training Recap Week 6 and 12 Days of Fitmas-Day 9 and 10

I wrote my Runner’s World Running Streak Re-cap on Thursday’s blog link-up so I’ll spare you the redundancy; but, I will update you on Thursday night, Friday and today’s run.

Thursday I had 6 miles on my calendar. Typically, I do these on the treadmill late in the evening. I had had such an awful week up to that point that all I was waiting for was the drum of the garage door opening signaling my husband’s arrival. I wanted to just hand the kids over and go for a run.

Which was exactly what I did.

And, instead of going to the gym to run, I told him I was running our usual 6 mile neighborhood route in hopes that running in the fresh air would help lift my spirits. I don’t know if it was because of the week I had been having, fatigue from running every day, or just fatigue from everything! but the entire run was h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e. Right from the beginning I felt my legs like sandbags, my hips flared, my shins ached–my body was just not having it. It was also dark out at barely 5:45 p.m., it was cold (for Arizona), and it was windy. Everything was off. I trudged through that run wanting it to be over and was so frustrated at what I hoped would make my day better only ended up making it worse.

We have those days….

Friday is typically my rest day. I had my MRI results appointment in the afternoon and headed over with grim expectations. Luckily, there was actually a ray of light at what had been a bummer week up to that point. The doctor said my leg had a stress reaction which is the precursor to a stress fracture. Not something to take lightly, but not serious enough to put me on the bench. He recommended I decrease my mileage and stay off my feet as much as possible (ja!).Beside the not possible latter, I was so happy that I would still be able to continue my training! He also suggested I keep my decreased mileage up until my ½ marathon mid-January and then re-evaluate if I could return to normal training for my marathon in March. All in all, a good visit with good results. (I didn’t tell him I was streaking; I think he would have taken my running shoes from me.)

Friday night I had a holiday party the leader of my run club was hosting. Since it was a runner’s party, it was only appropriate a run was involved. We did an almost 4 mile run around the neighborhood to look at the decorated houses : )


This morning, Saturday, I had my long run with 10 miles on the calendar. I was little apprehensive as I had ran 6 and the almost 4 in consecutive days but told myself to take these 10 easy. And I did. Reeeeally easy. I ended up running them at an 11:20/min pace but wasn’t hard on myself at all; I mean, I totaled almost 20 miles in 3 days! (My doctor would’ve freaked!)

It was a super long and stressful week with a lot of running—every day except for Tuesday I ran at least 3 miles. I’m looking forward to the holidays and turning a running day into a cross-training day and seeing how that goes.

Total Week’s Mileage: 31 Miles

–How was your running week?

–Have you had not-so-good runs before?


12 Days of Fitmas-Day 9 and 10


I learned this the hard way. My very first half marathon was 4 years ago. I was on the wedding diet and had no idea what I was doing as far as “training” for a race. In fact, I didn’t train. I basically ran here and there when I could but had no plan, no goal, no clue.

I was doing fine up to mile 6 when whoa! holy hip flexor pain! My hip flared up so bad I limped my way to the finish line practically in tears. I wanted no part of any post-race festivities or any post-race photos. I wanted drugs and my bed.

Fast forward to now and when I first told my trainer at my gym about my shin problems a few months ago, the first thing out of his mouth was, “Have you been working out your hips and glutes?” Uh, no. Since then, I’ve been doing a few videos, from Blogilates of course, that focus on hips and glutes to help strengthen them. It’s pretty crazy what a difference I feel it has made in my running. With the exception of my shitty run on Thursday, I haven’t had any hip flares. I was nervous with Saturday’s 10 mile run but nope, nada.

It’s another one of those things that people tend to overlook and something I’ve learned along the way. You really can’t just get up and run (well some people can but they’re few and far in between). A strong core, hips, and glutes are key to running pain free.

–Have you had your hip flare during a run?

We’re Streaking!! {Link Party}


My buddy Salt and I would like to welcome you to our first Streaking Party!!

I was intrigued by the Runner’s World Streak Challenge because, well, I like challenges. I’ve been training for my full marathon and already running 4 times a week, I figured what’s 3 days of 1 mile? Sign me up!

Two weeks in and I’m going strong. I’ve been having a lot of fun doing this and on the three days I run only 1 mile, they serve as a cool break from the other “purpose” runs. There is no specific goal with these one milers—just do them. Here’s a recap of the past week : )

December 5: Thursdays are my tempo runs and also treadmill runs. My plan had me running 5 miles so that’s what I did. I love having a plan to tell me what to do (and that I can still control if need be). I’ve also never minded running on the treadmill; I know some runners abhor it but it’s never been a big deal to me. However, lately, I’ve been feeling my shins a lot more on the ‘mill than on the road.

December 6: Fridays are typically rest days so I did a pace mile around my neigborhood to continue the streak.

December 7: Saturdays are my long runs but I had my 15k the next day so I left it to a mile to continue the streak.

December 8: Hot Chocolate 15k! You guys read about my recap in a previous post but I could talk about this day over and over. I won’t though and spare you : )

December 9: Recovery mile to continue the streak. This was a slooooow mile!

December 10: Tuesday is cross train day so I did a streak mile followed by 10 miles on the bike.

December 11: Wednesday is speed day so out to the track I went: 3.16 miles with an 8:34 pace. Also, a member of my run club owns a baby store and was doing a raffle for a BOB Sport Utility jogging stroller………..and I won!!!!! I never win anything, really I don’t, but lately I’ve been on a roll. The stroller is so beautiful.


I also had my MRI last night. I’m hoping to meet with my doctor soon to discuss the results.

Overall, it’s been a great streak. One of, if not the best, reason I like streaking is that I’m doing it with my “sole” sister, Salt. Talk about motivation. I always look forward to her check-ins on our accountability board to see how her mile went. And, even though her miles are faster than my miles, I know she runs them with the same enjoyment I run mine.

Click here to enter your link and join our Streaking Party!

A Whole Lotta Jitters

It’s 5k Turkey Trot Eve and I’m having trouble getting myself to go to sleep. A lot of things have happened the last few days that have my mind going as fast as I’d like to run tomorrow.

On Tuesday I went to a sports medicine doctor to get my shins looked at. The pain in my left leg has increased so that when I walk up and down my stairs at home I can feel the deep ache with each step. It made me worry enough to set up an appointment.

I got a quick x-ray done and then waited to discuss the results with the doctor. He asked me a few questions then began to discuss the x-ray with me. He said that from what he could see and from what I had told him, it didn’t look like shin splints but more like a stress fracture. He suggested getting an MRI done and no running for 6-8 weeks so I can work with a physical therapist to recover. I did not take this news very well at all.

My first initial thought and question was what would happen if I still ran? He told me that I’d likely end up in a boot or crutches.

I’m finding it hard to believe that it’s that bad. I can still run and really want to keep training. My leg hurts when I start the run but then subsides to a tolerable ache the rest of the way. My husband asked, after I told him of my incredulity, what then was the purpose of the appointment if what I was going to do anyway was continue to run? Sometimes I hate when he’s so rational.

I discussed my feelings with my running buddies and with their knowledge and advice I’ve decided to get the MRI done and a second opinion. I think I’ll have more peace of mind then.

In the meantime, I guess because I don’t know how much time I have left to run, I plan on going along with the Runner’s World Running Streak of running at least 1 mile starting Thanksgiving to New Year’s. I love challenges like this. I love challenges period! Lol!

Tomorrow’s race starts my racing season. After the Turkey Trot, I have 2 races in December—a 15k and a 5k, a ½ marathon in January, a (virtual) ½ in February, and my first full marathon in March. It makes me incredibly sad to think I won’t be able to do any of this. This is what keeps going, keeps me motivated.

I’m hoping tomorrow’s race goes well. I’m hoping the MRI disproves the stress fracture diagnosis. I’m hoping my legs heal soon. I’m hoping I can continue to run.

I’ll fill you in with the Turkey Trot run tomorrow—Happy Thanksgiving!

–Are you running on Thanksgiving?