Mid-Week Musings

Happy Hump Day!!!

I hope everyone has been having a good week so far–we’re almost to Friday! 🙂

A few things I want to share with you today



First, yesterday I had such a great run! I’d been a little discouraged getting back into running after taking a brief break and any time you re-start something you have to expect some getting used to, you know? But, I finally feel like I’m coming back! 🙂

I met up with my friends at a local running store for a 3 miler (it was also Saucony demo night!) and wouldn’t you know it, negative splits..again!! This time at much faster paces I haven’t seen in a while: 9:08, 8:43, and 8:14 –yep, you’re seeing that third mile correctly! I felt like I was pushing myself but it wasn’t a painful pushing at all but a more comfortable uncomfortable and that’s something I’ve been wanting to work on–being okay with uncomfortable.

Running this way won’t happen all the time as I’m a big believer in that not all runs should be done fast, but it’s nice that on a run where I’m feeling good, I can challenge myself a little.

Maybe it was the Saucony's?

Maybe it was the Saucony’s?

Second, I have a brother update. If you’re a new reader or don’t remember the awesomeness that is my brother, you can read about his weight loss here and his amazing first half marathon here. Anyway, he ran a 5k this past weekend.

I don’t think you’re ready for this…..

…..He finished in 24:47! YES, 24:47!

He texted me Saturday morning and in my half-awake state, couldn’t believe the numbers on my screen. But there they were and were confirmed when I looked up the official race results! He is so amazing and he’s so proud of himself–almost as proud as I am of him ❤

His smile though... <3

His smile though… ❤

Finally, you guys all know about my BRF Salt, well…she made her Runner’s World Debut yesterday!!! She’s featured on their website, Runner’s World: Zelle, and you have to go read the article written about her fabulousness. Go ahead, I’ll wait!

My BRF and sole sister--Salt <3

My BRF and sole sister–Salt ❤

Anytime anyone tells me they hate running, I always say, “It might just not be your time yet.” I think of Salt, who didn’t discover running til later in her life and now is a superstar 😀

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!! Keep your eyes on the Friday prize! ❤ , helly

–When’s the last time you had a great run?

–Any family members inspire you?

–Have you ever been in a newspaper/magazine?

Marathon Training Preview–Run Less, Run Faster

Choosing a training plan for the Marine Corps Marathon this October took me some time. I used a Higdon plan for my last (first) marathon and I liked it but was curious and decided to explore what else was out there. I kept hearing a lot about Run Less, Run Faster.

So I bought the book to see what it was all about and much of it intrigued me. Enough to use it as my plan? At first no, but after thinking long and hard, and researching other plans, I have decided to try RLRF out. Here’s my Pro/Con list that I made in coming to this decision.

* 3/2 system. The plan has you only running three days which is definitely an appeal to me since I’ll be returning to work in the fall.

*However, the plan insists on 2 cross training days so it’s really not like you’re only running 3 days and then doing nothing the rest of the week. I’ll still be very busy 5 out of 7 days (as I would be with any plan).

*It’s very structured. This is a plus for me because I like being told what to do when it comes to plans–if a plan says I need to do it then I just do it. The three days of running are structured so that you run one tempo run, one speed work day, and one long run each with specific paces (that vary each week).

*It’s very structured. I’m worried this might take some fun out of running. There will be no “easy” days (a major goal of this system is to eliminate “junk” miles) so each run will be very intense.

*It’s very tailored to your goal time. I’m not a big numbers girl so this took me a while to “get” but the way you figure out what paces to run your 3 days is by determining your 5k time. That time lays out the foundation for what will ultimately become the plan for your marathon goal. (I did not choose my 5k PR time because that would result in a ridiculously, unrealistic marathon goal.)

*I’m worried that because the plan is very goal oriented, I’ll become super disappointed if I’m not able to maintain the paces needed in training to reach my goal.

*When I reached out to running friends who had tried RLRF, all of them had good things to say about it.

*When I googled RLRF Reviews, yeah, not so much lol!

*As I compared this plan to others I’d reviewed, I noted that the total mileage was very close to the total mileage of other plans. So even though I would be running “less”, it’s less in the sense of days per week.

*It’s a 16 week plan. Higdon’s is 18 and I believe Hanson’s is 18 as well. RLRF would have me starting two weeks from today but I’ve decided to add a two week ease-into-training period testing out the paces.

*They have two marathon plans–one for novices and one for experienced runners. I’m going with the former as it has one 20 mile long run. The latter has 3 (no, thank you).

*The book has a section for post workout stretches that I really like. I”m looking forward to incorporating them in my training.

Ultimately, I’m very curious to see how this plan works for me. I’m always up for trying something new and different and at the same time, if I’m not feeling it, I’m totally okay with re-evaluating the game plan.

We’ll see how it goes! Cheers to the beginning of marathon training!! 😀

–Have you heard of/tried Run Less, Run Faster?

–Do you put a lot of time in to creating a training plan? (Was my pro/con list overkill? lol!)

–What are important factors for you in choosing a training plan?

Still Slowly Streaking!! {Blog Link-up}


Ooookay, now I’m starting to feel the effects of running every day! I. Am. Tired.

I’ve gone back and forth, back and forth on stopping the streak and resting my legs and each time I tell myself it’s only a mile. But then I say, a mile is a mile. That’s nothing to knock off.

So I’m still going. Slowly, but I’m still going. I like to call Salt, Speedy Streaker; I’m Struggling Streaker jaja!! : ) Here’s my Streak Week Re-cap:

Thursday 12/19, Friday 12/20, and Saturday 12/21 I re-capped in detail here. I was crazy person and ran almost 20 miles in those three days!

Sunday through Thursday 12/22-26 have been one… single… mile…. each day.

And that’s it. There’s the re-cap! Nothing too exciting

Total Streaking Mileage : 88 miles

I decided from the last time I wrote to give myself a little break and seeing that it was the holidays and I’d have my husband home for almost an entire week, I figured no time like now to lighten the mileage. I’ve been foam rolling and icing every night and stretching, and also hoping that my leg heals a bit so I can perform well in my ½ and continue to train for my full.

I have a short long run planned for this Saturday and then I’m going back to a one mile a day until New Year’s. I signed up for the Commitment Day 5K my gym sponsors so that’ll be Wednesday and I plan to continue my *regular training leading up to my ½ mid-January. (*I plan on knocking off a running day—4 days to 3—and making it another cross training day per my doctor’s suggestion leading up to my 1/2).

We’ll see how it goes. You know I’ll keep you posted!

Here’s a holiday pic of my two sweeties : )

My daughter insisted on wearing her Nikes with her Christmas dress--girl after her mother's heart : )

My daughter insisted on wearing her Nikes with her Christmas dress–girl after her mother’s heart : )

My little big guy turned 5 months on the 23rd!

My little big guy turned 5 months on the 23rd!

Tell me, are you still streaking? How’s your running going?

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