My First Run Back!!

It was glorious.

So my BRF Runner Jenny works at the sports doctor’s office I go to and as soon as I got the all clear on Monday, she asked, “When are we running?”

I love her.

We decided on a couple of sunset miles that very evening and I was at her door just before 6. We did an easy loop around her neighborhood and stopped for the mandatory sunset pic. I had worn my new purple pants that I’d been saving for this special occasion and totally–and happily–posed for the picture.


I felt good. The legs felt good and I made sure to keep things conversational paced. Before I knew it, it was over. But I wasn’t sad. I was happy; finally, I was back. ❤

–Do you save things for special occasions? My mom does all the time and I always to tell her to use her new stuff–everyday is a special occasion lol