Hanson’s/NYC Marathon Training: Week 13

There really is no place like home….

I was visiting my brother and sister in Ohio all last week (ALL last week—Sunday to Sunday) and it was super tough getting in my runs because the midwest’s weather is on drugs. Seriously.

Marathon Goal– 3:50
Marathon Pace/Tempo Runs– 8:45
Strength Runs–8:35

Easy Runs–9:40-10:40
Long Runs–9:30

Monday, September 26th–1 mile WU, 3x2miles @Strength Pace (8:35) w/800R, 1 mile CD

This run started at 2:30 in the afternoon. It was 63 degrees with 77% humidity. Basically, awful. Cold and awful. I don’t think it’s even been 63 for an overnight low in Phoenix.

1.) 8:23/8:34
2.) 8:36/8:38
3.) 8:34/8:28


Tuesday, September 27th–Rest Day

I switched up my days to fit accommodate the events we’d be doing while on my vacation and also to fit in with my sister’s work schedule. I wanted to run as much as I could while she was at work so it wouldn’t interfere with girl time.

We went to a Paint (while drinking wine) Night and it was so much fun. We were a little worried about our paintings at first, but we were able to make them look decent by the end, lol!

One of my friends said it looked like a bacon painting :D

One of my friends said it looked like a bacon painting 😀

Trying to make a sunset happen...

Trying to make a sunset happen…


Final masterpiece <3

Final masterpiece ❤

Wednesday, September 28th— 2.5 cold, rainy miles 😦

I basically moved everything up a day and so Wednesday was supposed to be my 10 mile Tempo Run. My sister had taken the day off so I went out somewhat early to get it out of the way. But it was raining. Hard.

The run needed to get done though so I went out there anyway.

At first, it was just rain and I got my warm up mile out of the way. Then it became torrential downpour and my phone rang right before the 2 mile mark. It was my sister asking if she should come get me–the news said the rain wasn’t going to be stopping anytime soon.

But I said, no, that I’d keep going.

Not too long after I had hung up with her, I saw a HUGE lightening strike that seemed to be right in front of me. The thunder that followed was deafening; between them both, it stopped me dead in my tracks.

I figured this was not time to pretend to be superwoman and I called my sister to pick me up. 😦


Thursday, September 29th–0 miles

Guess what was happening Thursday morning?? ….Rain

My only opportunity to run on this day was in the morning as we would be traveling to the city for the Cincinnati Bengals football game. I was bummed I didn’t get in a run, but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my very first professional football game 🙂

First NFL game and the Bengals won!! :D #WhoDey

First NFL game and the Bengals won!! 😀 #WhoDey

Friday, September 30th 16 miles: 5 @Long Run Pace, 6 @Tempo Pace, 5 @Long Run Pace

I was determined to get my run in. I had to. There was no way I was going to miss my second “Hanson’s 20”. This peak mileage week was already a disaster–I wasn’t going to let it be a complete failure.

The tempo-run-that-wasn’t earlier in the week haunted me and I talked about it with my buddy @ohiotrirunner (who I got to have lunch with that day!). He said I could squeeze in some tempo miles in my long run to help make me feel better. Great idea!

Carb-loading before my 16 miler, lol!

Carb-loading before my 16 miler, lol!

After our pizza convo, I went back to my sister’s home. Her husband checked the weather and told me I had 120 minutes of no/light rain if I left that very second for a run. Didn’t have to tell me twice–I changed and headed right out.

Running right after consuming pizza probably wasn’t the smartest move but I was still able to do pretty well on this run.

First 5 miles were a little faster than long run pace, but I felt good.


Middle 6 tempo miles –The first 3 were on point 😀 but then it got a little faster than it needed to be.


Last 5 –Again, a little faster than target pace…oh wells…


This was such a confidence boosting run. I really felt good the entire way and it was nice because my sister lives inside this absolutely perfect 5 mile loop. I have no interruptions the entire way–no busy street lights–and the route has uphills and downhills so it’s not monotonous and boring like my routes here at home, lol! I wish I could’ve brought that 5 mile loop back with me!

It was my last run of September and I finished the month with a whopping 196 miles!!


I knew that the missed runs during the week kept me from reaching the 200 mile mark (and I have to admit, I was tempted to make my 16 miler a 20 just to hit it). I know though, that I still have a long month of heavy mileage ahead of me. 🙂

Saturday, October 1st–5.5 Easy Miles @10:30 avg. pace

We went up to King’s Island, an amusement park, early in the morning so this run was done in the afternoon in, you guessed it, rain. It wasn’t too bad though, just some sprinkles. Also, it was super easy to keep an easy pace because of the previous days 16 miler AND by the time I started this run, I had already reached my 10k steps!

As seen on my run. LOL, just kidding--this was at King's Island

As seen on my run. LOL, just kidding–this was at King’s Island

Omg, I have to show you this pic of me on one of the roller coaster rides at the amusement park. So my sister is on the left with her hands up–she’s a badass. My niece is in front of her–dabbing, naturally.

And then there’s me….


Sunday, October 2nd– 0 miles

I knew it was going to be tough to get in a run on the day I was to fly back. It was either going to have to happen very early in the morning or at night when I was back in Phoenix.

It just didn’t happen. And you know what? I was okay with that.


Total mileage for week 13 33

This was supposed to be a “peak” mileage week but I’m totally okay with not getting all of the miles in. I was on vacation and the fact that I got more than half of them in leaves me satisfied 🙂

–Do you struggle to get miles in during vacations?

–Have you wined and painted before? What was your masterpiece?

–Ever been to a football game?

–Are you scared of roller coasters?