My Go-To Workout Playlist

So I was at the gym this week running on the treadmill and while I was there a woman on the treadmill in front of me was walking and totally jamming out. I mean, she was waving her arms in the air and if it was possible, dancing as she walked! I thought, “Gosh, I really want to know what’s on HER playlist!”

Have you ever wondered what people are listening to? I always do. It’s probably my most popular random thought while I’m at the gym. I mean, the majority of the people there are plugged in and I can’t help but be curious as to what they are jamming out to.

I’ve been trying out a no-music running thing ever since I turned off my iPod during a run and did pretty well. However, I’m still listening to music when I cross-train.

Here is a list of my #1 playlist. The playlist I can count on to get me through a tough I-don’t-wanna workout : )

  1. Let’s Go-Calvin Harris
  2. Where Have You Been-Rihanna
  3. The Anthem-Pitbull
  4. Forever-Chris Brown
  5. The Pretender-Foo Fighters
  6. Best of You-Foo Fighters
  7. Believe Again-Delta Goodram
  8. Fire in your New Shoes-Kaskade
  9. Hot-Inna
  10. I’m a Slave 4 U-Britney Spears
  11. Parallel Universe-Red Hot Chili Peppers
  12. Getting Over You-David Guetta
  13. Cry For You-September
  14. Runnin-Doman & Gooding
  15. Indestructible-Robyn
  16. In The Air-Morgan Page

–Are any of these songs on your playlist?

–What’s your go-to jam to workout with?

12 responses

  1. I’m a Special Snowflake. I listen to Howard Stern. Sometimes his show will be so funny, I’ll start cracking up when I’m running. My neighbors probably think I’m insane, haha.

  2. I usually listen to a Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me podcast when I’m working out indoors (I don’t listen to music outside for safety reasons) because I tend to bust out in song if I listen to music and I’m not sure my fellow gym goers enjoy the concert 😉 Although, the podcast usually makes me laugh out loud, so I still look crazy. Oh well.

  3. For some reason I like listening to r&b. Lately I’ve been listening to Meek Mill. He hypes me up when Iim tired. Only ccertain songs though. I also have lil john in my playlist.