Pre Race Jitters


The P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon has been my Eleanor (catch that Gone in Sixty Seconds reference?)

I’ve ran it twice, the first being my first 1/2 ever and maybe because it wasn’t my best showing, I had forgotten my time and had to look it up! 2:42 at a 12:25/mile pace.

I registered again a few years later having done some more prep work but then discovered I was pregnant a couple of months before the race. I finished at 3:20 with a 15:17/mile pace (I was around 14 weeks).

I’m not ashamed of either time and don’t make any excuses for them; my times are what they are.

All I know is that I finally feel truly prepared for this 1/2. I’ve actually trained and have altered my diet and am mentally ready.

I have a pretty lofty goal this time around.

Okay, here it is.

I want to finish under 2 hours.

I totally get that this is considerably faster than my previous two halves. I’ve done a little math on what I’d have to pace to get that time and also considered the other possible times I might get. This is the range I’d like to be in with of course 2 hours being my main goal:

Time Pace
1:55 8:46/mile
2:00 9:09/mile
2:05 9:32/mile
2:10 9:55/mile
2:15 10:18/mile

It’s so crazy how big of a pace difference it is from 2:05 to 2:00. Like I totally feel I could do a 9:32/mile pace but 9:09 seems so daunting! I think back to my 15K a month ago; I ran those 9.3 miles in a 9:11/mile pace so I know I’ve come close but still….

I think with this particular race, what always has me a little nervous is this

Screenshot_2014-01-13-21-48-27-1 You see that? That thing that happens around mile 10? Yeah, near the END of the race?! It’s already going to be a challenge maintaining my goal pace but to have that to look forward to–well, that gives me the jitters. It helps (a little) that the very end is a decline but I’ll already be running on fumes by then anyway lol!

I’ve done hill work in my training. I know I’m about as ready as I can be for this. I think what’s left is to just trust what I’ve done. Believe that I can do it. I also know that if I don’t meet that goal time, I’m confident I will have improved from my previous two. And that’ll definitely be a win : )

Do you get nervous before a race?

Do you study/memorize the course and elevation map like a crazy person (me)?

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  1. That mountain at the end is so damn stupid!!! Why would they do such a thing? I mean…cool downhill finish and all, but too bad you have to run up Mount Everest first.

    Either way, I think you are going to rock it and I think you can totally do it in under 2 hours. I have all the faith! 🙂

    And yes I get nervous and yes I stare at elevation charts until I go blind. 🙂

    Also I left you a little something on my blog today. 🙂

  2. I think it’s good to have multiple goals for a race, you never know how you will feel that day, or what the weather will be like. I remember I was so nervous before my marathon, I didn’t sleep at all. I kept thinking I was going to sleep in and miss the race. The good thing is based on you 15k time, you should get a PR.

  3. I do get nervous but I try not to over think what’s about to go down. I try to clear my mind and let my body do what I’ve trained it to do. And you’ve been doing so much!

    I’m so excited for you! You running your first P.F. Chang is what’s motivated me to run my two! You have been my inspiration for running since middle school! Seeing all you have done to prepare, has lead me to stop making excuses and just get out there!

    Don’t worry about the steady incline. It’s not that bad. It kind of feels like running towards D-Hill in Douglas up until about mile 10. Once you get to that point it’s
    still not that bad. You feel it a little but with all the
    training you’ve been doing you can do it. I’m so excited for!

  4. I am super nervous for my first half as well and definitely checked out the elevation chart (thank god mine is in Disney aka the flattest place ever!). I think you totally got this! As long as you won’t be crushed if you don’t get a certain time I say go for a sub 2. I can’t wait to hear all about the race!

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