Random Things I Love

Here’s my obligatory Valentine’s Day blog about love : )

Of course we love our family, we love our kids, we love our jobs (well some of us do!), we love running, but today I want to share with you the little things that make me happy–just out of the blue things that bring a smile to my face : )

Random Things I Love:
(in no particular order)

1. I love how all the people who live on my street park their cars on their driveways or in their garage. There are zero cars lined on the street and this really makes me happy.

2. I love that my mom never leaves me voicemails. She’ll simply text me to call her back.

3. I love that Coca-cola puts their caffeine measurement on their cans. When I was pregnant, I wanted to know how much caffeine I was consuming and there it was, easy to find.

4. I love that Arizona doesn’t experience daylight savings time.

5. I love our Tempurpedic bed. It’s seriously the best ever ever.

6. I love the remote start on my car. I can get the A/C going before I get in.

7. I love Craig Sager. His style choices amuse me.

8. I love the refrigerator in my room. Another pregnancy related love–I’d get so thirsty and make my husband go downstairs to get me water he finally just bought a mini fridge and it’s never left our room.

9. I love that Jimmy John’s delivers even if you’re buying just one sandwich.

10. I love that I haven’t conformed to mechanical pencils.

11. I love the timer on my oven. I barely discovered it about a month ago and a lot of food has been saved since then. (I seriously thought the button was just to set the clock time.)

12. I love it when people tell me they can’t believe I run with no music.

13. I love forever stamps. I never have to worry if I have the current stamp price I just stick it on the envelope.

14. I love that Derek Jeter stayed a Yankee his entire career. I’m not a Yankee fan, or really a baseball fan for that matter, but I like loyalty and there’s not a whole lot of that in sports nowadays.

–Of course now I want to know some random things YOU love!! Share them in the comments section below!!

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14 responses

  1. I think your mom needs to teach my mom the value of texts over voicemails. I gave up asking my mom to stop leaving voicemails because she just thinks they are pretty much required. :p
    I don’t have a Tempurpedic bed, but I do have a memory foam one, and I love it too 🙂
    I love cracking open my window at night & burrowing under my down comforter with a good book (currently, The Goldfinch) to wind down before bed.

  2. OMG my mom leaves me some epic voicemails, like they go on and on! Haha! I’ve never been a fan of daylight savings, but have to deal with it. I don’t run with music either – just tell people that elites don’t run with music! I’m a big Dirk Nowitzki fan, and he’s the same way – loyal to the Mavericks. He doesn’t even have an agent, and agrees to stuff like pay cuts to help the team pay for other players.
    As for me, I love brunch. Especially on a nice day where we can sit on a patio.

  3. #3 – YES! I love Coca-Cola and I love this as well. I allotted myself a can of coke a day while I was pregnant. Not for the caffeine, but for the flavor. It was a bonus that I could see how much caffeine I was getting.

    #13 – I too love Forever stamps. The last time I asked for them, I think they told me they are all like that now. I could be mistaken however.

    #14 – I’m not a Yankees fan either, but I do have a liking for Jeter. He is a Michigan boy (I’m from Michigan) and he’s loyal to a team!

    Random things I love – 1. when grocery stores have sanitary wipes and gel for you to clean the cart handles. 2. The simple courtesy of holding the door. Sadly I’ve experienced a lot of people letting the door hit them in the butt while I am one step behind them. 3. My new Calphalon 3 in 1 immersion blender and food processor. It’s great for baby food making!

    • ja! the stamps are probably like that now and I just haven’t paid attention lol!

      I totally agree about the holding of the door! Walking around with a double stroller and someone just letting the door close in front of me is so frustrating

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