The 100 mile month!

Earlier this month in one of my online running groups, the challenge was set to run 100 miles in July. I hadn’t run 100 miles since last December and set mileages for a month isn’t something I really focus on. But, seeing as this was my last month of freedom (I go back to work on Monday) and that I was at the beginning of marathon training, I thought….maybe I could pull it off.

I wasn’t running everyday or doing any crazy extra mileage just to reach the goal. That’s just an injury waiting to happen. It actually worked itself out on its own. My run club had two extra runs this month, one for 4th of July and another Fun in the Sun 5k (where a friend wanted to run a little extra for her training so I joined her). My other running group, Run Eat Tweet AZ, also met up this month for a trail run/hike.

So with those extra runs, marathon training, taking advantage of the few days both kids were actually at daycare, I was able to squeeze 100 miles in July.

Total for the month:
Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 6.12.07 AM
I wasn’t going to overachieve and do any more than I had to lol!–Today is the last day of July and I’m not running. πŸ™‚


–Have you run a 100 mile month?

–Do you set mileage goals? (I don’t have set mileages I work towards, I just try my best to follow whatever plan I’m on)

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  1. Nope to both questions. I’m a fairly lazy trainer so I prefer doing short but intense runs. Most of my training consists of mostly of sprint intervals, some tempos, and very few long runs. 15 miles is a high milage week for me. It’s unorthodox but it works for me.

  2. 100miles! OMG thats 160KM! Lord! I dunno if i could do that! I am following a training plan so i stick to the amount of KM’s i need to do each week/day/month till my first half. Not sure I have it in my to run 160km in one month but i suppose that is like a 5km every day for 30 days…hmmm i will have a think about that!

  3. My best month ever was 137 miles. I’m sure I’ll be hitting that in the next few months again– marathon training is about to get serious.

  4. Clap it up! I’m sure my best month ever was during marathon training last year (duh) and I would say that I’ll have another high mileage one to add this year. That said, I am actually averaging FAR fewer weekly miles now than before, because I am running ONLY 3 times a week. My peak week this time around will be about 36 miles total, if I max out during all the runs (8x8x20). I will say that, if Saturday goes as planned, I will have done 82 miles in 14 days, because of how my long runs have been scheduled, so I’m pretty chuffed about that πŸ˜€ But I gotta play it safe, after a month of NO miles this spring!

  5. Way to go!!!

    In July I actually decided to stop tracking my monthly miles… or rather to stop obsessing over it. I used to track my miles in three different places and sometimes stress if I needed to squeeze in 2 or 3 extra miles here and there to meet some arbitrary monthly or annual goal I had for myself. Now I am just following my training plan and only focusing on the marathon coming up. I keep an eye on my weekly totals which means I have a pretty good idea of what my monthly (and even yearly) totals are, but I feel better not obsessing over hitting arbitrary goals. I know some people find that fun, but for me it was more like “ah I need to do this just because I’ll stress out if I don’t” and it feels good to leave that mindset behind!

    • THREE different places???!! Yeah, that’s a bit much–I’m glad you stopped doing that! I do track my miles just because I like seeing how I’ve improved but I’m not obsessive about it. It’s just a number πŸ™‚

  6. Awesome work!! During marathon training I got up over 140 miles in Jan and March but I am not going to be anywhere near numbers like that for a very long time, as I am focusing on shorter distances for now. Keep up the great work!! And good luck going back to work, I look forward to hearing about your training and how you manage it all!!

  7. Nice job! I just realized today that I just managed to eek over the 100 mile mark for july, too. Like you, I don’t usually have a set mileage in mind for a month, I just run my plan. I haven’t had a ton of 100+ months, so there’s something exciting about seeing that number.

  8. I plan weekly mileage and it typically adds up to around 100/month unless I’m coming off a training cycle. Had 103.32 in July and I’m not running today either! You’ll probably get a few more 100 mile months in there with training, good luck!

  9. We had monthly mileage goals in high school, but I haven’t done anything like that since. I’m with you, whatever I plan I try to do, but sometimes things happen and I can’t meet what was planned. Plus, that way I don’t end up feeling terrible about a goal I missed AND not being able to run that way haha.

  10. Heck yeah! Great job!!! πŸ™‚ I squeaked out 101 miles last month and I am on track (with a 4 mile run scheduled tonight) to reach 100 miles for the month of July. I NEVER thought I would ever get to that point in my training but it has happened naturally and I haven’t had to kill myself doing it. Feels great and it’s an awesome accomplishment!

  11. Way to go!!! I also like to run at least 100 miles a month. And when I saw your tweet this morning about your blog post, I went and checked my mileage….well, after this morning’s run I was at 96.3 miles. So I had to go on another run – 3.75 to make it an even 100! Haha, Jennie was so confused…’didn’t you already run?’ Thanks for the push Helly!

  12. Great job! I am sad to say I haven’t had a 100 mile month since last OCTOBER!! MCM month! Yikes!! Darn injuries….

  13. I’ve never run a 100 mile month before….however since I work in KM and working towards 1000 km this year, I’ve had three months of 101, 101 and 108 πŸ™‚ So I’m in the 100’s but not in miles πŸ˜‰