Friday Five–What’s New?!

I’m hooking up this week with the DC Trifecta girls Mar on the Run, Eat Run Pray DC, and You Signed Up For What!? (<—who’s doing the NYC Triathlon this weekend!!! Good luck Cynthia!!) for today’s topic of: What’s New?!

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Well there’s a lot of new happening in Hellyland.

ONE: I go back to work on Monday!!! Last school year, I finished off May seven months pregnant and ready to get out. I packed up my room with doubts that I’d come back. I knew I wanted to take at least a a year off to spend it with my daughter and my newborn son. After that, I’d assess and see where life would take me.

I think it was around when my daughter turned 2 that I started to seriously think about returning to work. Luckily, I have the option and it’s not something I need to do. I feel the need though, as even though I’ve enjoyed all the time I’ve spent with my kids, a part of me isn’t ready to let go of my career. My husband and I looked at the logistics of it all, the biggest hurdle being that my work was pretty far away, and we figured we’d give it a shot for one school year and go from there.

So back to school work I go!

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.43.08 AM


TWO: Sticking with the work topic, I’ve mentioned before that I’m planner. I’m old school and like writing things down. With a pencil. In a notebook. No tech notebook computer thing or fancy phone pencil to jot down notes on an e-calendar for this girl!

For the longest time, I used Jim Burke’s The Teacher’s Daybook to write my lesson plans in and keep things organized. Well, a lot of things changed in the one year I didn’t teach, one of them being the Daybook no longer in production 😦

For a couple of days I was stressed out. Then a friend in my running club suggested an Erin Condren planner. I went to her website and found quite a few options and eventually chose this one:

I was able to personalize it with my name and school (that’s ^ not my name or school fyi) and create a list of my favorite things to run across the cover like in the photo! I’m so excited to get it! It was a little on the pricey side for my liking, but I’ve heard good things about EC planners so I’m looking forward to seeing how it works for me.

THREE: Me going back to work means that my kids start daycare/school. (I like to call it school 🙂 ) Besides the whole getting sick part, they’ve been having a blast. My daughter has been really opening up and participating in music class, art time, and especially reading (that’s my girl!). The other day her teacher told me that she pointed to and said aloud several alphabet letters. It really makes me feel better about returning to work knowing my kids like where they’re at.

I’ve also been having fun with all the dress up days they’ve been having!

Vintage Nash on Sports Day :)

Vintage Nash jersey on Sports Day 🙂

FOUR: I’m super pumped I was asked by Fit Approach to try out a new portable tracking device called the Orbit by Runtastic! I’m not a tech savvy person at all, so I feel like I’m a good person to test these types of things out. If I can figure out how to use it, any one can lol! I’m still waiting to receive it so I’ll have a lot more details later this month. In the meantime, here’s a visual of the awesomeness:

I’ve always been curious about tracking devices, especially ones that monitor how you sleep. As a mom of a two and one year-old, there’s not a whole of it happening. I often wonder, how much real sleep am I getting? I’m excited to find out!

FIVE: The new running group I’ve joined up with, Run Eat Tweet AZ, has been super awesome. I love meeting local runners/bloggers and being able to talk about things around our city. So far, the group is two meet-ups in with the next one in a couple of weeks. One of the girls in the group talked to us about a virtual run she’s hosting for her friend battling a rare type of liver cancer:

We all decided that our next meet up would be to do this 5k together. It’s amazing how once strangers, we’re now friends coming together to help another with an important cause. Traci, the one hosting the virtual run, is super sweet and has been working so hard to raise money for her friend Courtney.

If you’re interested in doing an inexpensive virtual run the month of August, go here to sign up. There are medals for completing the 5k too 🙂

That’s it from my end! What’s new in your world??

Are you a planner like I am? Have you used a fitness tracker before? Ever done a virtual race?

Have a great weekend amigos!

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  1. I seriously am so bummed I missed the Orbit tracker review. I have no idea how I skipped over that opportunity. Looks fab! Good luck going back to school/work!! Your daughter looks adorable in the Nash jersey 😉 And can I say that comic is hysterical. Especially with the boy in the bottom left texting… haha!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE every bit of this. I’m so glad the kiddos are loving school. (I call it that too haha.) I knew they would! And you are going to do be so fantastic this school year! Those students are lucky to have you!

    Very cool planner too!

  3. Good luck going back to school, I bet you will love it once you all get into the groove and a new schedule. I love your new planner, its so pretty! I have heard great things about those specific ones so I hope you love it! I have done a few virtual races and like them, but of course, would rather do a “live” race!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I did a Virtual Race for the Sandy Hook the January after the tragedy. I’m a fan of virtual races because races seem to be my kryptonite when it comes to injuries (you’ll see why tomorrow….) and so virtual races are always a fun way to get the “credit” as it were but to do it in a way that doesn’t push you to injury.

  5. Congrats on going back to work!! So jealous on the Orbit, bummed I didn’t get the opportunity to check it out! And OMG, I LOVE my Erin Condren planner!!! Good choice!

  6. We called daycare school too and we call the Lifetime child center “play”. It just sounds nicer. 😉 I feel like my son learned SO much at his day care which actually was a pre-school when he turned 4. So many more things than I probably wouldn’t have had the patience to teach him. I hope you have a smooth transition back to work. My hats off to you….teacher have one of the most challenging jobs.

    • Our daycare is a preschool too so hopefully that’s where she’ll transition to. And I totally, definitely, agree with you in that they’re going to learn way more than I have the patience to teach them!

  7. i’ve heard great things about those planners! i may have to get one. i like my online calendar but also like writing things down. that’s probably because i’m extra crazy. i’m so happy your kiddos are enjoying school 🙂

  8. I have never used a fitness tracker, I will be curious to hear about it 🙂 Your little one is precious! I hope your year starts out great! I know it’s probably a lot of work just getting ready and getting out of the house everyday.

  9. I like having a physical, paper calendar too! I use one by Moleskine that’s your weekly calendar on one side, and a sheet of notepaper on the facing side, so you can write out your to do list/shopping list etc right with your week. Those EC ones look really nice though, I’ll have to check them out!