Whoa lateness! Week 10 marathon training recap

The day off this past Monday through me for a loop! Anywhoo, here’s last week’s numbers:

I took off last Monday since I had done my re-scheduled long (short) run the day before.

But I was back at it with my run club on Tuesday going for 5. This run felt so good! I started off at a good warm up pace, not going out too fast. I kept it easy the whole way through and at the end, felt like I could’ve kept going or gone faster. It’s funny because this pace seemed like such a struggle in previous runs and today felt so comfortable.


I skipped the track on Wednesday and caught up on grading. This English teacher business is no joke.

Thursday, I headed out for a run in the ‘hood and got in a great amazing 6. I wanted to push myself and whoa nelly! My splits: 9:41, 9:34, 9:18, 9:21, 9:19, 8:07

Yes, that last mile was AWESOME. I wanted to channel my inner Kristina and finish with a fast mile. It did wonders for my confidence 🙂



Saturday, I woke up even earlier than usual (4 a.m. anyone?) since I knew I was going long. I had 14 on my agenda.

Several of my run club friends were going at this earlier start time and I joined up with them. Like a newb, I forgot my head lamp so I stayed with two that had lamps to help me not fall over myself.

We kept a nice and steady pace and before I knew it, we were 5 miles in.

At this point, we had gone back to the start to meet up with those who running at the usual start time.

After a quick pit stop, we were back at it and this time I joined some other friends for the next 9. Again, a steady pace that felt oh-so-good. I have no idea what was becoming of me but again, I felt like I could’ve kept going or done the run faster (I’m glad I didn’t do the latter though as I didn’t want to ruin what had been an awsome run).

Isn’t it funny how running plays with us emotionally?? It reduces me to tears, anger, and frustration one week to complete euphoria the next. Oh running, how I love thee.


And Sunday was a rest day 🙂

Total miles Mon-Sun: 25

How was your past running week?

Ever been on the emotional running train?

16 responses

  1. That’s a great week Helly! And is am loving that last ZIPPY mile! Fantastic!! I have always toyed with becoming a science teacher but have decided that I swear too much. They might expel me. As you know, my week of running sucked. But I do think last nights break in humidity did me some good. Here’s to turning a corner!

  2. Nice job! Keep at it! That’s a great week. I’m with you, I don’t know why it releases so many emotions. Some days I’m smiling, others I’m holding back tears. Something non-runners don’t understand.

  3. Great week! I’ve fallen off the running wagon with ANOTHER “injurY”….hoping this one is minor and I won’t be out too long…its too close to MCM for this!!

  4. I’m so glad you had such a great week after all you had been going through in past weeks! It really just goes to show, you just gotta ride the wave when is good and keep going when it’s not.

    My emotional train (wreck) has happened at the peak of many seasons. Usually the last (and most important) race that I bonk! After my tears I reflect, and the outcome is usually I did not taper correctly. This is still my biggest fear for February 28th!

  5. Nice splits on Thursday’s run – nearly a negative split overall too! 🙂
    I totally hear you on the emotional roller coaster thing – it’s so funny how something we love plays with our mind like that. The highs more than make up for the lows though!