Why taking a racecation is the way to go {a Guest Post}

Hi guys! I’m having a local blogger buddy/runner guest today. She’s been on some pretty neat race-cations and I have to say, I’m quite jealous on some of them. I’m a visitor on her blog, The Sunny Side, so if you’re itching for some Helly, head on over to her page 🙂 I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!


Hi! I’m Emily and I’m a runner in the Phoenix area who loves to travel, eat, drink and RUN!

I must admit, I’ve always had the travel bug, ever since I was a little girl. We took plenty of family vacations growing up, and I have never gotten tired of it.

When I decided to do my first full marathon back in 2000, I will totally admit that the reason I did it is because it was in HAWAII! That was all the motivation I needed to get me through 26.2 miles. I fundraised over $3,200 for the Leukemia Society with their Team In Training Program.


Of course I had been bitten by the marathon bug, so the next marathon I chose was in Cozumel, Mexico. That was a unique experience for sure. Not one I would recommend, but it was still very cool to be down in Mexico for a race. I even got my hair done in braids (like Bo Derek in 10) so the beads in my hair were making a lot of noise while I ran. Then my next marathons were back in Honolulu and Rock n Roll San Diego.

I frequently travel back to my home state of Michigan for some of my favorite races (Charlevoix Marathon and the Crim 10 mile). Great excuse to experience cooler weather and see family.

lighthouse - Copy


I decided that the combination of running a race and traveling was the perfect marriage. I will take ANY excuse to travel just about anywhere. Luckily I have a partner in crime who will go with me on some of these adventures. Our next one together will be in Hilton Head, SC in February. Woo-hoo!

Hawaii race

The only downside of being in a beautiful resort town and running a marathon is having to act like a saint the day before. No drinking, not too much walking, no sunburn, and watching what you eat. Aside from that, it’s really ideal.

Next up is the Detroit Marathon next month where I get to meet up with one of my new buds, @jennvoss.


Keep Calm and Travel On!

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Thanks for visiting Emily!

–What’s been your favorite race-cation?

–Where in the world would you like to run?

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  1. Because we all know it’s hot as hell. So from April to Nov, all my races are out of state. Even this year…my Nov and Dec races are out of state. December I’m going back home to run Honolulu. Did you run Honolulu, kauai, or maui?

  2. Great post. I always get out of AZ from April to October for races. This year it extends to December when I go back home to run Honolulu. Which was your first? Honolulu, maui, kauai?

  3. We love racecations! We’re going to Salt Lake City next month to run the inaugural North Face Endurance Challenge there. We’ve also done races in southern California to get away a little bit. The worst part is definitely being a saint the day before! We’re going to run the Berlin Marathon next year and will celebrate at Oktoberfest afterwards!

  4. Awesome!! You got me excited to travel more for races lol! A majority of my races have been here in Phoenix, but in 2013 I was able to attend the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando – which was amazing!!! The memories were unbelievable! I also got to travel to Long Island recently and do a race in my hometown! That was exciting because my mom and an old elementary school friend participated with me! I even won a medal and so it was great for my mom to be apart of that experience!
    Some of my dream spots to race would be Napa, Hawaii (any island is good for me), and anywhere in the UK!!
    Hey since you travel to MI so much maybe we can do a race at Michigan State together! I love being able to visit my alma mater!!

  5. I have decided that runcation or trications are far more motivating than one that is in town. Maybe I need to schedule my next big race OUT of town so I really work for it?! Internationally I would love to run in Ireland. Only if it doesn’t rain! Then domestically I’d love to run in Chicago and Utah.