100 Days of No Soda–DONE!

Today is the day is the day! I’ve finally completed my 100 Days of Summer Challenge–No Soda!


Did I celebrate by drinking a Coke? Well….

I did take a sip lol!

I honestly didn’t wake up with an urge to consume 6 cans of Coca Cola. While I was going through this challenge, I’ve had a lot time to reflect on what I’ve learned.

I am a lot stronger than I think.

When I would shock friends by declining a Coke, they were always impressed by how serious I was taking the challenge. Self-discipline is something that I continuously struggle with but one thing I gained during this challenge is the knowledge that I am in control of what I put in my body. I know that I could have cheated or “treated” myself to a drink, a sip, a can, whatever but each time I made the decision to not to.

I make the decisions.

When things are 100% up to me, I feel like I have the responsibility to make the best decisions. I will have no one to blame, no one that I can say put me up to it.

It kinda makes me feel powerful.

One of the reasons I wanted to do this (and many people asked me why I was doing it) was that I was genuinely curious to see if I could do it. I knew myself. I knew that I succumbed to excuses very easily and this would be something legit challenging.

To me, going 100 days is such an accomplishment. I chose a number I knew would be difficult. A month, I could’ve done no sweat. But I knew I wouldn’t feel/see a significant difference. One hundred days makes me feel like a badass. Each day, saying no became so much easier. I remember going to a Pizza Hut Express and ordering a pan pizza and breadsticks and the server telling me that it was only 30 cents more to upgrade to a meal and get a soft drink. I told him, “Nope! All good!”

I’ve changed.

I definitely feel like my confidence has soared because of this challenge but the biggest thing is that my overall perspective on drinking soda has changed. Not only have I become more comfortable declining something I once felt I needed, I truly feel like I don’t anymore. That’s not to say I’ll never, ever drink it again. I know that’s just not realistic. But, I do feel like I’m more conscious of when I really want it. With a meal I feel goes great with a soda? Sure! Just because it’s there and I want something to drink? No.

My body has changed.

The summer weather hasn’t really let me see how the challenge has helped me with running but I think being able to maintain decent paces (for me) despite the heat is a definite win. I know that I would have been dehydrated drinking soda through summer trying to train for a marathon. The extra water intake has been a huge factor in me staying healthy and hitting my targets.

I absolutely feel like it’s prepared me for the upcoming fall season. That I set up my body the best that I could for the races to come.

I’m not going to lie. I was really curious to see how/if my body would change.

It has.

The scale says I lost 7 pounds. I went down a pant size. I’m the thinnest I’ve ever been. But, even then, the biggest difference is just overall health. I don’t feel as sluggish or tired or weighted down. When I once felt that soda gave me energy, I feel like I’ve had more without it. While there were days where I’ve felt like a soda would give me an extra boost, I would remind myself that the challenge was mental. Could I think of other ways of getting that extra energy?

People notice.

It kinda became contagious. When I would decline soda from friends and ask for water instead, it wasn’t rare that they would change their minds and put their own soda away.

At restaurants, I would always order water (with no lemon!) and my husband would follow suit. Then whoever we were with would go with water too. This wasn’t always the case, but we saw it happen more often than not.

My husband was completely on board with the challenge and went the 100 days with me. The person we felt noticed the most was our daughter. Because we drank a ton of water, she would often ask us for it herself. Lauren has always been a fan of water and preferred it more than anything–she must be the only toddler who doesn’t like apple juice!–but I think seeing mommy and daddy constantly drinking water really contributed to her love of it. We smile every time she finishes her sippy and says, “All done agua!” Or when she says, “Mas agua!” (more water!)

I know that she will continue to be an influence in me keeping my soda intake to a minimum.

Overall, I feel like the challenge was worth it. I know that I can hold myself accountable for something, that I can stick to a goal if I set my mind to it, that I can do things that are difficult.

What I’m excited for the most is not so much that I can drink soda now but the fact that I’m just so much more aware. I’ve seen how my mind and body has changed and it makes me feel like I don’t want to ruin the hard work I’ve put in. That is what I think will keep me from going back to my regular drinking habits. I know that I will drink a can or two here and there, but I can confidently say that my days of drinking 6 a day are gone.

I will keep you posted. Thank you for sharing this challenging journey with me ❀


–What is a health related accomplishment that you’re proud of?

–Think you could go 100 days doing something or doing without something? What?

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  1. Great job!!! That’s a huge accomplishment! And like you said, what you learned from this can be applied to so many other aspects of life. If I had to pick something that would be really hard for me to go without for 100 days…it would definitely be coffee haha. πŸ™‚

  2. Good for you! I love this idea! I am almost to the place where I want to do a no processed food challenge and cut out all foods that come in a wrapper (except cheese). I depend on granola bars and crackers way too much so it would be good to push myself to make better decisions. Could I do it? Definitely. I always follow through πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

  3. Wow, this is fantastic! What a great job. I love that you said that your confidence is soaring, and not just because you lost weight, but because you did something that proved everyone (including yourself!) wrong. Good. On. You. I had a pretty good habit for diet soda and also for gum at times in my life, and I’ve had to kick those habits a few times. I always feel better for it. I often end up inviting them back in (for silly reasons, often out of curiosity or boredom), but it is so great to know that I can give them the boot again if I feel that I need to.

  4. Ahhhh congrats! You did it! I can’t wait to see how much soda you drink now. It’s so cool that you feel stronger and lost weight from this challenge! I should probably give up donuts and see what happens.

    Just kidding, I would die!

  5. Way to go! When I first saw the title of your post I expected it to be filled with pictures of you sipping on a big gulp….this is so much better! I’m so glad you ended feeling better about yourself and the challenge. It looks like it worked out perfectly. πŸ™‚

  6. Congratulations on completing your no-soda challenge! And thanks for sharing some of the things that you learned about yourself in the process… very inspirational. πŸ™‚ Also, I love that your daughter watched you and your husband and now chooses water herself!!

  7. Congratulations! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you truly are inspiring! I’m so glad you have learned so much from your challenge and the impact you are having on those around you.

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  9. Omg. Your 100 Days of No Soda β€œresults” were just like my 3 Day Juice Cleanse! I RARELY drink soda. And if I do it’s either Diet Coke (with Mt. Gay rum) or real Coke. With real sugar. I literally have one once a year usually when I’ve run out of gels while cycling. Are you back on the Soda wagon? I love you either way! Lol!!!