Marathon Training Recap Weeks 11 &12

I missed my training recap of Week 11 somewhat not coincidentally.

It was a bad week.

Monday, September 1, I spent our Labor Day out on the trails for almost 9 miles of awesomeness.


Then I didn’t run the rest of the week.


It was just one of those weeks where life happened, excuses happened, anything that could/would deter me from running happened….

By Saturday, the guilt had creeped in and I got myself on the treadmill for 10.


and I totally deserved pizza after 10 treadmill miles

Total mileage for the week: 18.8

Week 12

I was determined to have a better week and I felt like I did.

Monday, I got on the treadmill and ran a 5k x2 benefitting a virtual run a #RunEatTweetAZ buddy had organized. She was helping raise money for her friend who is battling cancer. I decided to run my 5k and run a 5k for my IRun4 little guy for a 6.2


I was back with my run club on Tuesday and one of my running buddies pushed me to negative split and finish with a fast mile.


Speed work on Wednesday and I was feeling the heat and running consecutive days. I still managed negative splits and a last fast mile though


Thursday and Friday I took rest. (I’m supposed to cross train on Thursdays….yeah….)

Saturday I had 16 miles on my agenda. I hadn’t really long runned in a while and was starting to feel super anxiety. I needed to long run.

I woke up at insane o’clock in the morning and got ‘er done.


My Olson response to anyone asking if I’m a morning person…

Surprisingly, I felt relatively good. I did start to feel my body begin to crumble towards the end of the run though and I had a flashback to my first marathon where I hit the wall at that exact mileage. I know that’s a mental roadblock I need to learn to get through.

Sunday rest.

Total mileage: 30.2

Much better.

Soda count: 3 (<—woo hoo!)

–How was your running week?

–At what mileage do you start to feel your body crumble?


31 responses

  1. I love that you added in your soda counts with your mileage 🙂 I had an awesome running/training week. I had a training 5k PB, then two new PB’s in 5k and 10k in back to back races! Couldn’t have been any better.

  2. Nice job getting back into it! I think my body starts to fall apart when I go past 50 miles. My plan is to peak at that this time, but I’ll have to see how I’m progressing. My plan is to build up to that slowly so hopefully I will feel ok.
    I have no idea how you survived 10 miles on the treadmill, I couldn’t do it!

  3. Nice job on those negative splits and fast finish miles! Sounds like you’ve got pacing down 🙂
    Your weekly recaps have me itching to sign up for another marathon…
    I canNOT fathom a 3:45 wake up call to go running lol. I though 4:45 was early this past winter to make it to the gym by 6!

  4. Next time my alarm goes off at 6AM for a long run, I’ll try and remember that you’ve already been out there for over 2 hrs!
    My legs/body/mind don’t start to crumble at a specific mileage, but always at the last mile or 2. I think this is partially mental knowing that I’m increasing distance from the week before, but after experimenting last weekend I know it’s also a fueling issue. I ate and drank more than normal and also held up much better in the last two miles.

  5. Nice job! Way to bounce back! I know how crazy it can be to squeeze in all the running. I always seem to crash in marathons at mile 18. I then make the mistake of reminding myself that I only have 9ish miles to go, which is one lap around the lake I run. But then I remember lapping the lake is long!

  6. I had a great running week, finally. The achilles is feeling better and I rocked the half marathon. Not a PR, but way speedier than I expected.