Marathon Training Recap Week 16 and some other thoughts

It seems like I’ve taken this taper thing a liiiittle too seriously lol!

Yeah, I’ve done nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing. But last week’s 20 miler had been iffy because my husband was out of town. He’s actually still out of town. I had planned on squeezing in my workouts after work and before daycare pick-up (it’s like a 2 hour window) but I ended up swamped with end of quarter grading that I never left work early to run. I know I could have put the grading aside, but I figured the more I got done then, the less I’d have to bring home to grade during Fall Break. Which I’m on now! YAY!!!

So this solo-parenting has left me absolutely exhausted. After my 20 miler last Saturday, I didn’t do anything the rest of the week 😦

My mom flew in on Thursday night and I was able to run on Saturday.

I was really looking forward to this because one of my local running groups #RunEatTweetAZ was putting on a fun run for charity, collecting old shoes and raising money/awareness for pediatric cancer.


These 10 miles were tough. I hadn’t run all week so I’m blaming tired, rusty legs (but really, I’ve kinda felt my legs heavy throughout my entire training 😦 ) Anyway, I got it done and was very happy 🙂 Can’t you tell?? Lol!!


That was pretty much it. This morning I went for an easy, quick 2 miler on the treadmill while my mom did some elliptical. We chatted the entire time and it was fun to have a mom/daughter workout–we hadn’t had one of those in years!!

Total mileage (Sun-Mon)=12

Soda count=I’ve been averaging about 1 a day 🙂

And the other thoughts…

Yesterday, quite a few running friends online and in real life ran the Chicago Marathon. It was so freaking inspiring reading and seeing their race pics and stories. It was seriously the boost I needed going in to Marine Corps. I must have stayed up til like 10 (that’s late for me!) on Instagram and Facebook just catching up. I read about people getting PRs, others having not so great races, and others simply happy with the experience. What I couldn’t get enough of was just the happiness that runners exhibit post race. It’s like we’re in so much pain but we’re happy?! It’s so insanely awesome!

I read about one girl who struggled with cramping but fought through to finish with an amazing time and another girl who struggled with cramping and had to reevaluate her goal. I love reading about others’ experience; I feel like I learn so much from them.

I feel like I’ve battled some motivation issues with this training–I blame the heat–and I feel like while I’m so freaking excited about running Marine Corps, I’m more excited about the experience and not so much about tackling a PR. I mean, I hope I get a PR, but really, I’m going in to this race so totally about the race itself. I’ve never been to D.C.; I’m so excited about that. My dad was a Marine; I’m so excited to run a race with meaning. And, I have a passion for American history. This race is completely about enjoying the experience.

I think having that mindset all through training is what has kept me from freaking out about paces and goal times. Sometimes that’s not what it’s all about.

I hope you guys have a great week! How’s the running going?? Who ran/raced this weekend!?

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  1. But see, I think that is the right mentality–to go for the experience, and not the numbers. That is how you get the most of the marathon. And the PR? It will come. But seriously, just enjoy the time, and especially the run–MCM is so incredibly special in that regard. There is nothing like it in the world.

  2. Training for a fall marathon here is no joke! The majority of your training was done in brutal conditions. You have the perfect mindset going into this marathon. Enjoy the experience, you’ve worked REALLY hard for it, regardless of what times or paces say 🙂

  3. Aw Helly you deserve your down time! I don’t know how you do it all but somehow you do! I’m so happy you had a few days to rest after your 20 miler and have gotten to spend time with your mom. I love mom/daughter workout time! Hope the rest of your week flys by!

  4. I can’t believe some of the conditions you ran in this summer – crazy, crazy hot! You’ve done such an awesome job balancing everything and getting those long runs in – now just enjoy the victory lap at MCM.

  5. I think the whole experience of the marathon sometimes is better than the actual run. You have trained through some pretty tough conditions in addition to getting back to work and finding that groove again, so cut yourself some slack. You are going to love MCM, running through DC and of course, meeting Salt!!

  6. Training in the heat can zap anyone! Take your taper rest and good luck with the big race! Can’t wait to read about it. Love the header pic on your blog.