Marathon Training Recap Week 14 and Esprit de She 10k

Taper, taper, bo baper, fee fi, fo faper…taaaaaper!!!!!

I’m in good spirits and let me tell you why…


Remember, I cried about how I wasn’t going to be able to and that I was worried I’d have to do it 2 weeks out? Crisis averted.

So my husband’s away on business and I’ve been solo-parenting. This was why I wasn’t going to be able to squeeze it in. But, my mother-in-law pulled through and spent the weekend with us, thus allowing me to long run on Sunday. Yay!!!

And it wasn’t just about being able to do it, I was able to do it and be happy with the results. SUPER yay!!!


Yes, please direct your eyes to the last four miles. I finished so strong and that made me so freaking happy.

I started off with a slower pace than usual but I didn’t mind as I really wanted to last the entire way. The beginning pace was around the 10:45/mile range. That was about the first 7 miles.

Mile 10 I pulled a 10:10 from out of nowhere and then miles 13 on, my pace was steady around 10:30. Right where I wanted.

And I don’t know what the heck happened the last four miles lol! I might’ve wanted the run to be over with jajaja!!

So that was my long run 😀

The previous Thursday I ran the Esprit de She 10k. I had been looking forward to this race because it’s an all women’s race known for it’s awesome post-race festivities. But, because my husband was out of town, I wasn’t going to be able to partake in them 😦 It really did look like a lot of fun too as they had chili for post race yumminess and a bubbly bar (where you’d get a free wine cup/glass)!

Anyway, the race was a double 5k loop (boo!!!) on pavement with a brief stint on grass (boo!!!). It was also a short course with my watch stopping at 5.79 (boo!!!)

It was also a horribly run race on my part (super boo!!!)

One of the things I’ve been working on throughout this training are consistent splits and I’d been doing really good at getting them how I’d like, even sometimes negative splitting.

But holy shit, did I royally eff this one up.

First thing I did wrong? Thinking I could keep up with a girl in my run club. She’s someone who I’ve always “shadowed”, someone who is juuuust faster than me, enough that I can somewhat keep up with extra effort. (Although lately she’s been killing her training and is become almost impossible to shadow.)

Yeeeeah, so she pretty much blew me away.

The first mile beeped 7:3o-something and I was done after that. Talk about a perfect way of burning out.

My goal had been to maintain an 8:30 pace then entire way and hope to finish strong. What the hell was I thinking starting out so fast? I wasn’t thinking. Clearly.

I was able to hit 8:30 the next two miles but then the second 5k was just an inconsistent hot mess.

You live run and you learn.


On a super cool bright note, this was my high school BRF’s first 10k and she pulled out a 4th place overall finish! Badass status!

Prior to Thursday, I had run on Tuesday and Wednesday, 5 miles respectively


which brought my total mileage for last week (Monday-Sunday) to: 35.8

Soda count: I lost count 😦

–Anyone else excited it’s Oc-freaking-tober??!!

–How’s your running going? Who’s got fall races?

–P.S. Salt‘s back! ❤

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  1. First things first…TAPER TAPER BO BAPER FEE FI BO BAPER….TAPER! Yahhooooooo! I’m so freaking excited that it’s taper time. Great job on your 20 miler!! When are we going to figure out how we can meet up at MCM?!

  2. Awesome work on the 20 miler. That is huge. Meh, the 10K it happens. The course makes it almost just not count. Bummer but let’s talk about that 20 miler! And yeah I was so excited to see Salt on my reader last night.

  3. haah I love how many emotions were just conveyed in a short amount of time. Sounds like you are having some real highs and lows! Isn’t that always how taper time goes? I feel like the second I start to scale back or attempt anything off my “goal path” I get all out of wack. I’m sure you are going to be great!

  4. Great job on your 20-miler! Going from thinking you wouldn’t be able to do it at all to finishing so strong must have made you feel super good! I’m so excited it’s October! Helloooo nice mornings! I’m going to race the 3TV 10k on Nov. 2nd and then I still need to sign up for the Fiesta Half! 🙂

  5. Thank goodness for MIL’s 🙂 I have my half marathon this weekend and am pretty pumped though I tweeked my thigh Tuesday night and am slightly worried. I am loving the fall weather we are having and it’s Thanksgiving weekend (in Canada) so double bonus !!!